Day 1 – Hello Canada

Hi guys! 

We have landed safe in Calgary and even managed to explore downtown a little. 

The journey was quite long, we started by catching a 3 hour bus from Canberra to Sydney airport then checked in and spent another 2-3 hours waiting to board our flight. We flew with United airlines on their direct route to San Francisco which is a great plane I thought for $1400 per person including our flight to Calgary and two return flights. 

On board the plane they served two meals dinner and breakfast. Dinner for me was steamed chicken and vegetables with a side of salad and cous cous, pretty good. Erin’s a vegetarian so they gave her some kind of pea and potato stew/curry with rice and a side of salad and a little fruit cup. To follow dinner was New Zealand natural ice cream! I can’t have ice cream sadly but I imagine it’s good. They also offer unlimited non alcoholic drinks and snacks. For breakfast we were both asleep but I believe one dish was fruit salad. Pretty good meals I thought. Now for entertainment.. Each seat has its own screen with a map of the journey as well as games, tv shows and movies on offer. The options were really good with at least 30+ movies to choose from consisting of a range from dead pool to the notebook. As for shows the range was again huge with things like game of thrones and Dexter. As well as a huge range of entertainment every person is provided with a pillow and blanket for extra comfort. I would definitely fly United international again. 

We were about 40 minutes late into San Francisco which made our change over quite a rush especially because my zipper had been completely torn off and my bag was spilling out. The luggage guys helped me put it inside a plastic bag and tape it up for the next flight but the bag was destroyed. 

Arriving into Calgary we were an hour late which sucked since we wanted to hit the shops but we still managed to get from the airport to our Airbnb (which is very cute and conveniently located), let ourselves in, change and head downtown. 

Seeing as we are only a few blocks from downtown it only took a few minutes to walk to the shops and get all our essentials ready for the trip. We exchanged some cash, got Canadian SIM cards with Bell and road maps ready for the long drive over the next few weeks. 
After running errands it was definitely dinner time so we walked along Stephen Ave until we found a place called The Guild. What a great place! Erin got pizza and I got BBQ octopus and veggies both with a side of sangria. Yum! The place was decorated nicely and show cased whole pig heads and other animal parts that were part of the menu. 

After dinner it was time to head home to shower and properly sleep for the first time in over 24 hours. Night xx 

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