5 days to go…

Finally started packing today after much much procrastination but I had to seeing as I have work all week and may not have the time. Each time I travel the packing part gets less and less exciting and almost moves from exciting (because things are actually about to happen) to a chore that I wish I could pay someone else to do. I remember my first time overseas packing was so exciting and fun, those were the days.

Ill keep this brief. I wanted so badly to keep to the 10 items (bottoms, tops & dresses) rule but found it a little too hard for 23 days away so I settled for 12 items as below;

– 1 dress
– 3 long pants (jeans, tights + trackies for the plane)
– 2 shorts
– 6 tops (includes 1 that will function as both PJs and a day shirt)

And a few other things just in case..

– 1 cardigan / flannelette shirt (functioning as both my stampede shirt & cardigan)
– 2 outerwear (jacket & jumper)
– 2 pj shorts
– 1 bikini

My luggage consists of 1 medium/large purple suitcase, 1 blue footy bag for carry on, 1 pink footy bag as checked luggage #2 on the way home and my backpack for everyday exploring use. It sounds like a lot but my suitcase is half empty and the rest is just for carrying purchases back to Australia.

Anyway 5 days to go! A few last minute things to add over the next few days but other then that I think I am ready.. A few things I am hoping to tick off my bucketlist list in Canada, lets see how I go..

  • Ride bikes around Stanley park
  • Do at least a 5km hike
  • Ride Canada’s longest Zip line
  • Drive ice field highway
  • Go ATV riding in whistler
  • Try beaver tails in Banff
  • Go horse riding
  • Relax in a hot spring
  • Attend the pride parade block party or after party
  • Go to a stampede after party
  • Take a scenic helicopter ride
  • See at least two Canadian animals – moose, bear, deer
  • See a whale
  • Feed a seal at fisherman’s wharf, Victoria
  • Meet at Sailor in Seattle
  • Party on a week night in Seattle
  • Ride a mechanical bull
  • Swim in a turquoise lake
  • Pat a wolf dog
  • Try strange food at the Stampede
  • Make a Canadian friend

2 thoughts on “5 days to go…

  1. “includes 1 that will function as both PJs and a day shirt”… always gotta have a mutli-functioning shirt 😛

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