Amazing Food in Singapore

So yesterday I attended a dinner with family friends and there was an older lady there who I had never met before but who was very well traveled which gave us similar interests so the topic of conversation was mostly travel related. We swapped stories over dinner but when the topic of Singapore came up she made the comment that Singapore lacked things to do and that her first ever trip to Singapore she had arrived and within the first day decided she did not like the country, jumped on a plane and headed somewhere else.
I was quite shocked by this, I visited Singapore in September last year for 5-6 days and even this I thought was not long enough, I would have loved to have stayed longer. She then made the comment that since then she has traveled via Singapore to other places but has no real desire to give it a go.

After dinner her comments made me think about how much I enjoyed Singapore and how the food culture alone is enough to convince me I should continue to go back. So I have decided to put together a little post about some of the amazing food I had while in Singapore..

Jumbo Seafood – Riverside Point (Clarke Quay)

Beautiful location and great food.. There Chilli Crab was amazing and my brother and his Fiance even returned another one or two times for the same meal during our 5/6 days in Singapore.


Maxwell Hawker Centre (China Town)

Great range of food and so cheap! $5.00 for a plate of rice that fed two of us and $1.50 for sugar cane juice, $4.00 total for my dinner.. AMAZING!


ION Mall Food Opera – Basement Level 4  (Orchard Road)

Do it yourself soup stores are so cool.. you grab a bowl and some tongs, throw everything you want (meat, noodles, vegetables) into your bowl then give it to the lady and she pours in the boiling water for you – TA DA! They also have every other type of Asian food you can imagine and surely some western food too but who goes to Singapore for Western food right??


Lau Pa Sat & Satay Street (Hawker Centre)

Another place with every cuisine imaginable in large portions for cheap! Not only does this place have a big pavilion with heaps of food stalls inside it but outside they have Satay Street which is a little street that they block off and set up full of chairs, tables and people cooking satay sticks on BBQs. We got 10 sticks for $7 and a huge feast of Indian for $16, pretty good I thought.


Rise Buffet (Marina Bay Sands)

I’m sure there are probably cheaper buffets in Singapore that are just as good (if so please let me know!) but we came across this one on the ground floor of Marina Bay Sands after a long day so we decided why not splurge a little at $85 per person you could eat and eat and eat. I will say the buffet has a huge range of cuisines and foods as well as desserts. YUM!


Marina Square Mall Food Court (Walk-able from Promenade or Esplanade stations)

This food court is probably the funkiest, cutest hidden gem I have ever found during my travels. I will warn you now that the mall itself is boring and one of if not the least interesting mall I have ever been to. BUT on the top floor, tucked away is this cute little food court that has heaps of cuisines and an amazing view! To top it off very few tourists would go here because they’d have to walk through the boring mall first and I feel most people would give up before reaching the food court so its a fairly quite and relaxing place.


Thanks for reading, I hope I made you hungry and convinced you that Singapore is worth visiting for many many reasons but especially the food!

Here is the link to my 2015 adventures in Singapore – Asia 2015 

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