5 Awesome Travel Instagram Accounts

Whenever I think I might want to go somewhere, whether it be a restaurant, an event, a city, a country or an attraction I always have the exact same routine.. check reviews on TripAdvisor and look at photos on Pinterest and Instagram. My friends and I will often look up the restaurant we are currently sitting at on Instagram if we cannot decide what to order and base our decision off the photos tagged by other people.

When preparing myself to travel somewhere Instagram and Pinterest become my base for finding towns, cities and attractions that interest me at my destination. After traveling to USA in 2014 I came home to hundreds of pictures on my Instagram feed from various accounts related to USA. I have done the same thing in preparation for Canada in a few months and have found some amazing places that I am really exited about using this technique.. How many other people also do this?

During my time searching for nearby places for my travels I have come across many amazing accounts with hundreds of amazing posts by obviously extremely talented people. So I decided to share my favourite 5 Instagram Accounts as of April 2016;

In no particular order…













Check them out and see if you consider any of them in your top 5. I would also love to check out accounts that other people have come across and would like to share so please let me know who you follow on Instagram?

Thanks guys, @theadventuresofweather

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