Queensland Family Adventure – Day 6 & 7 

I’m doing two days in one post seeing as not much has happened..

Day 6:

We dropped off our keys and started the drive home yesterday around 7.30am. It was going to be a long drive ahead seeing us our goal for the day was to make it from Airlie Beach to Hervey Bay which is around 9 hours. I spent most of the drive struggling to find accommodation and calling every hotel in Hervey Bay trying to find somewhere to take 3 adults and a car towing a boat on the Easter long weekend. Finally we found a place called Ramada near the marina which had a room available so we locked it in. We finally arrived at around 6.30pm, parked, checked in and took all our things to our room. 1 bedroom with a queen and a double sofa bed in the lounge room, quite a nice place. Lucky for us the hotel had a restaurant so we went down, grab a streak burger each then after dinner went back to our room for some tv then bed. 


Day 7:

Unfortunately for me I was on the sofa bed in the lounge room and my mum thinks it’s perfectly normal to get up just on daylight and open the blinds next to me so it was another early start today. We packed our things and checked out so we could explore Hervey Bay a little before heading off again. On the main strip of Hervey Bay we parked and walked to the pier and to grab some breakfast before heading off again. We planned to make it Byron Bay for tonight but after making a few phone calls we soon realized we would be lucky to find accommodation anywhere on the east coast at all. So we decided to wing it and hope for the best. Probably not a great idea because we did finally make it to Byron Bay which by the way is a beautiful place but all the shops were closed and every food place was packed. Seeing as I had never been we had a quick look around then jumped in the car and headed off in search of somewhere to stay. Somewhere near Ballina we ended up in a thunderstorm which forced us to find somewhere to stay for the night so we called and ended up with a place in Grafton, another 2 hours to go. We continued on and finally arrived at 9pm, checked in and did our best to sleep on an empty stomach. 


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