Queensland Family Adventure – Day 4 

Today was my relaxed day of the week which was great. Us girls had made no plans for the morning while the boys were off fishing for barramundi again at Lake Proserpine.
I woke up around 6.30-7am (which would be 7.30-8 back home) and decided to lay in bed until around 7.30 before getting up. We had another box of cake samples arriving at 8.30 so we decided to do some washing and have breakfast while we waited. Debbie dropped off a box of cakes which we ate straight away (little fatties we are) then got changed ready to spend a few hours at the shops. Finally the washing machine finished so we hung out our clothes then locked up and begun walking down the hill towards the Main Street. 

We strolled around the street for a few hours, I bought a jacket from City Beach, I love City Beach! The weather was hot and great as it usually is here in Airlie Beach so we took this opportunity to have a nice dip in the public salt water lagoon. So amazing! 


Just as we started to pack up and begin our walk back home the boys called and planned to meet us just up the road where we grabbed some lunch. I had booked us in for a jet ski tour at 1.30pm earlier today so we finished up our food and quickly ducked in at home to grab a few things and drop off our boat before heading back down to Port of Airlie for our jet ski adventure. 
At the marina we met Scott and his team from Ocean Dynamics where he gave us an orientation before we jumped on our jet skis and headed out into the bay. I had a jet ski to myself but my parents shared one and my brother and his fiancé shared one. All up there were 6 jet skis in the tour which went for about an hour. We got to see a shipwreck and huge sea turtles but I think the highlight was my brother and sister in law falling off their jet ski. Great day and at the end we decided to pay the $25 to get all our photos from the tour. 

We headed back home to relax for the night, watching some tv and cooking the meat and veggies we had bought a few days earlier. Anyway it was early bed time ready for early wake up and fishing. 


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