Queensland Family Adventure – Day 3 

It’s reef day!!! Yippee! My alarm went off at 6.30am so I jumped up and made sure to get in my breakfast this morning before us girls had to be out the front ready to be picked up by our cruise Whitsunday’s transfer. The little bus showed up right on time so we jumped aboard and not long after we arrived at Port of Airlie where I boat awaited. I was pleasantly surprised to see our big 3 floor, fully equipped boat with a bar, TV’s and toilets ready to go. 

The journey from Airlie Beach to Reef World ended up being about 3 hours which was longer then I thought but the boat stopped at Hamilton Island along the way which made the trip a little scenic and not too hard to bare. 

On the way over my sister in law decided to join me on my scuba dive and we were allocated the first dive on arrival. When the boat arrived at the pontoon we jumped off and ran around like chickens grabbing our wet suits and flippers ready for our dive.  

The whole experience went quite fast and pretty smooth but I was still a little nervous seeing as I had asthma in the past I wasn’t sure if the pressure and oxygen would be too hard for me. The staff on the pontoon were very quick once we got to the area to strap us in to our weight belts, float jackets and oxygen tanks then point us down to the next step. Under the pontoon more staff met us and showed us how to use the buttons on our vest plus got us to practice breathing while kneeling on a platform underwater. Once we had the breathing and the signals we were guided into the water by our certified diver and along the ropes to where the reef and fish were. The whole time the diver held on to us, helping us control our floating/sinking and checking we were okay. The experience was amazing and we got to see so many huge fish and even touch a humphead wrasse fish. After I believe about 30 minutes we were taken back to the pontoon and de-suited to head off to our next activity. 

We took advantage of this opportunity to go on board our boat and did into the buffet provided. Chicken, various pasta and noodle salads, seafood etc. Pretty nice I thought. Seeing as we beat the lunch crowd we thought lets get to our next activity while everyone else eats.

Next activity; semi submarine which had a good educational talk to go with it, did you know 1 parrot fish produces 1 tonne of waste per year? Me neither, but how weird and amazing. 

After our submarine we had 1.5 hours left of snorkel time so we grabbed our snorkel and jumped on in. I have snorkeled so far in North Queensland, Thailand, The Bahamas and a few places around the coast of NSW and this was by far the best. Huge fish! Lots of fish! Beautiful coral! Just all round great. 


 Finally time to head back to the mainland, another 3 hour boat ride home but that’s okay, the weathers nice and the waters calm so I’m happy. 

Back at the apartment everyone was tired from the day’s activities including the boys who fished most the day and caught nothing. So we decided to go out to dinner to a place called KC’s bar and grill which had all different Australian animals on the menu. I wasn’t that hungry so I just got nachos, no cream or cheese of course just to satisfy me until tomorrow. After dinner we went back home and looked at a little bit of GoPro footage until bed. 


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