Queensland Family Adventure – Day 1 

This trip will be the first time EVER that my brother, mum, dad and myself have gone on a holiday together outside our home state. Only 24 years it took (guess how old I am?) but it’s all happening and I’m so excited to be on my way to holiday with my family in Queensland Australia’s amazing Whitsunday’s Daydream Island and Airlie Beach. All but my brother have been to Airlie Beach before but separately at different times and have decided we liked it enough to go back as a family.

Ok so here is a bit of background info.. Mum and dad left our home near Canberra on Friday afternoon to drive up the east coast of Australia to Airlie Beach (22-25hr drive) so that my dad could bring his boat all the way up to Proserpine lake for burramundi fishing. My brother, sister in law and myself are flying up today (Sunday) to Airlie beach then catching a ferry across to Daydream Island for the night to check out their 2017 wedding destination. Tomorrow (Monday) we will be catching the ferry back to Airlie Beach where we will meet my parents for 4 nights in Airlie Beach. On Friday my brother and sister in law fly back home while I jump in with my parents to drive back down the coast all the way home. Pretty good little set up right? I thought so!

On arrival at Proserpine airport we were greeted by our ride to Port of Airlie which only took around 30 minutes. At Port of Airlie we checked in and boarded our Cruise Whitsunday’s ferry to Daydream Island which took around another 20-30 minutes. As we got off our ferry on Daydream Island we were welcomed by resort staff with shell lei’s and drinks. We checked in and dropped our stuff off in our room then headed back to the lobby to meet my brothers wedding coordinator. She showed us all we needed to see and know about having a wedding on Daydream Island, beautiful place, great spot for a wedding. After we were done we quickly got into our swimmers and headed to the pool which has an amazing view and plenty of room for all the guests. Still in our bikinis we wandered the island, there’s so much to do here; water sports, pools, tennis courts, reef activities, rainforest walk, its endless.

We had not really eaten all day so we reserved a table at the islands Mermaids Restaurant for dinner which had great food and an amazing atmosphere. After dinner it had been a long day so it was time for bed. Night.


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