Enlighten Canberra 2016

If someone overseas asks you where you’re from and you tell them the capital of Australia their first response will always be either Sydney or Melbourne. Very few people realise that Canberra is in fact the capital of Australia.. Our own people aren’t much better, ask most people in Australia about Canberra and they’ll tell you it’s either boring or they’ve never been even though they might live only a few hours away there has been no reason for them to visit.

Finally Canberra is starting to put together some note worthy events that draw some pretty big crowds. You may have read my previous blog about the Multicultural Food Festival a few weeks ago, well for the next fortnight Canberra is putting on Enlighten.

Enlighten is a smaller version of Sydney’s Vivid lighting up various buildings around the parliamentary triangle, light displays around the lake, various events and the Night Noodle Market. Last year Enlighten attracted approximately 280,000 people over its duration to the lake side lights and Noodle Market.

This year the Noodle Market was much more spread of with plenty of places to sit  and twice as many food choices…


We showed up around 6.30pm on Saturday night, surprisingly parking wasn’t a complete nightmare and heading straight to the Noodle Market we were pretty happy with the new layout. Wait times for some places were maybe 15-20 minutes but that’s not too bad, we weren’t in a hurry. Prices were average, for the few things we got.. Beef Pho for $9.00 from Lilotang, Vegetarian Noodles for $10.00 from Teppanyaki Noodles and Mini Pancakes & a Fresh Coconut from Mini Pancakes for $16.00. We really wanted the cake that N2 was offering but their line was crazy! Maybe I’ll head there again early after work this week to try a few more things.

After our dinner we headed over the the garden stage to see Sydney band Mansionair perform, I quite enjoyed it even thought it’s my usual music genre but still they’re pretty good.

Finally at around 9.15pm it was time to explore the light installations, I think Questacon always does the coolest ones. Our last stop was Old Parliment house which not only lights up but is open for the public to explore. This was probably a bad idea because we found a costume / dress up room and ended up spending a good half hour laughing like kids in there, haha it was good fun.

10.30pm and finally home time but there was definitely no shortage of people still walking around so I’d call it another successful Enlighten for Canberra.



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