Canberra Multicultural Food Festival 2016

The Multicultural food festival is one of the biggest and best events held in Canberra each year. Three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of none stop eating, drinking and celebration from various nationalities across the world, its the best if you are a huge food lover like myself.

This year I skipped out on Friday because I was working and too tired afterwards, instead I organised for one of my friends to come down from Sydney for the weekend to catch up and eat like we have many years in a row Saturday. The festival is set up in the same place every year, Garema Place / City Walk in Canberra’s CBD, surrounded by restaurants and a big shopping mall. The amount of people that attend this event every year is huge for Canberra size.. I’ll get you some stats.  So Canberra has a population of approximately 360,000 people which is quite small.. the estimated attendance at the MFF in 2015 was approximately 270,000 people, that is roughly 75% of our population that attended.

Anyway where was I.. Okay so my friend came down from Sydney and we met at mine then headed into the city to attend the festival around midday with my sister in law. After a little bit of shopping in the mall we decided it was lunch time and dived in amongst the crowd. First cuisine; Greek food.. and there is nothing like a plate of marinated baby octopus, yum! Next we come across our tradition of Dutch Pancakes with maple syrup and icing sugar, droool!! Even though by this point I am pretty much full I come across some sugar cane juice which I love so that goes in my belly too. Sorry belly but my eyes are still hungry. My brother arrives so we carry on, next stop chips on a stick which is also a yearly tradition for us and still soooo delicious. Finally we decide its getting way too hot (its currently 32 degree Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit depending on what country you’re from) so we decide one more thing then home for now. Spanish it is with a cup of nice cold Sangria hehe.

Sugar Cane Juice

Dutch Pancakes

Greek Baby Octopus

Spanish Sangria


Chips on a Stick

I was not home long when my parents arrive and want to go to the multicultural food festival seeing as they have not been yet. Back we go, its once a year so what the hell I can be a fatty for a few days.
Once we arrive my mum is really keen to have the turkish gozleme but we both can’t eat cheese (lactose intolerance sucks) so we get a normal one for dad and one with spinach and mince but no cheese for us, still good. Now it is time for dad to have a cider, ever since I introduced him to Somersby he has been hooked and its all he drinks so we found the nearest cider selling stand and bought one each. Ahhh so refreshing considering it is still just as hot as before and we have been eating hot food. I have told my dad about the octopus I ate earlier and he is intrigued so we head back to that stand but this time get one lamb and one octopus, yummm the lamb is even better than the octopus, delicious.

Turkish Gozleme


That’s enough food for one day, time to relax and watch some dancing (my friend is performing in one of them) before heading home with a full belly ready for movies in bed.

Edit: Okay I couldn’t help myself, I was in the area on Sunday and decided to stop in for lunch. Here are a few pics of my Sunday delights. I had Indian too but forgot to photograph it, oops.


Coconut and Watermelon juices



Lastly, this little bugger isn’t from the multicultural food festival but it is from Sweet Bones Bakery just up the road and it’s completely vegan. Seeing as I’m lactose intolerant and single it was my Valentine’s Day present to myself, yum!


Chocolate & Berry Cake with Strawberry Cream – 100% Vegan


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