A day at the beach 

Don’t you just love those times when you have nothing better to do than just drive down to the coast for the day to get some sun and eat as much as you want.

Yesterday Ratt and I decided it was one of those days so at around 7.30am we hopped in the car and off we headed to a beach town on the East Coast of Australia called Batemans Bay, or for nearby aussies ‘The Bay’. The drive is about 2 hours and goes through two little country towns Bungendore and Braidwood where many people stop for a rest and food. The last 30 minutes or so of the trip is the drive down the Clyde Mountain which is quite pretty but can make some people car sick, overall its a nice drive on a nice sunny day with the tunes and snacks.

On arrival at The Bay at around 9.30am, Ratt and I parked the car under the town shopping centre and went for a stroll around the town while we waited for the weather to heat up that little bit more. The town centre of Batemans Bay has an open air mall as well as outdoor shops along the streets which pretty much cover anything you might need or want during your stay.

After our stroll at around 10.30 we decided it was time for brunch seeing as we had only had a yogurt each for breakfast 3 hours ago and we were starting to feel the hunger. We settled on a nice little cafe next to the water called GJs Bay Cafe & Grill which are pretty famous for their pancakes (YUM!) but also do other breakfast and lunch options. We got a cute little seat in the sun next to the window with a view of the water while we waited for our food and drinks to come out. (Just a tip: This place gets really really busy during peak holiday times so if you do wish to eat there, either be happy for a long wait to eat or go in between normal breakfast and lunch times (brunch) as this is a little quieter).
Sorry about the bad lighting, the window frame was causing shadows.

After brunch at around 11.30 we headed South along the coast to pick up Erin from her holiday house in Lilli Pilli before heading to our beach spot at Broulee Beach. The drive was around 25 minutes and goes through a few towns along the way like Malua Bay and Batehaven. At Broulee we joined the already busy street full of parked cars and walked through the shrubs to the already busy beach. Snorkeling was the aim for this day so we walked around the beach to Broulee Island where I had snorkeled in rock pools before and it was high tide at the moment so that was perfect. We lay our stuff on the sand just near the rocks and I’m on it, I love snorkeling and I did not want to waste any time. The water was about waste deep which is fine for me without a life vest seeing as I cant swim very well. There were a few cute fish about, schools of little toadfish, schools of shoe sized of possibly Bream fish and what looked like a Shovelnose Ray which scared the absolute crap out of me.

After snorkeling I took a few photos with my camera and phone, laid on the beach for a little while before checking the time and realizing it was 3.30pm and I had to start heading home no later than 4.30pm as I had dinner plans back in Canberra at 7.30pm. We packed up our stuff and walked back to the car before driving back towards The Bay in search of fish and chips. Along the way we had to pass the Malua Bay fish and chip shop called Sandy Foot Pizza Cafe so we called in and had some chips for our late lunch. The place was very busy and is located in a very convenient spot for people traveling along the coast who want a quick take away meal. After our chips we dropped Erin back at her holiday house with her family before continuing our journey back to Canberra.

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