I’m going to canada!

Hey Hey Guys!

I hinted in one of my previous posts that I was thinking of going overseas again next year and well… I am! Booked my flights from Sydney to Calgary in Canada this week, excited!!

Seeing as its now locked in I thought I would share our plans for the trip.. and by our I mean myself and my friend/work colleague Erin.

So here is our route:


Destination 1: Calgary

Yee-Haw! We are off to the Calgary Stampede which is super exciting because I LOVE rodeos in Australia but this is meant to be the largest event of its kind in the world, running for 10 days! We don’t have that long to spare though so we will be there for 2-3 days. On our final day we plan on getting a hire car ready to make our journey across Western Canada.


Destination 2: Jasper
We will drive from Calgary to Jasper via the amazing Icefield Parkway.. This time we will just be driving but limited stopping as we want to make it to Jasper as soon as we can to explore some of the amazing things it has to offer such as Maligne Canyon and Athabasca Falls. Days spent here 2-3.


Destination 3 & 4: Banff / Lake Louise
From Jasper we will drive back along the Icefields Parkways (I think experiencing it from both directions could allow for some awesome pictures.. no opportunity missed) to Banff but spending the entire day stopping at all the sights along the way. We will spend 3-4 days in Banff as our base exploring Lake Louise, Johnston canyon Falls, Moraine Lake, Yoho National Park etc.


Re: icefields parkway alberta dreamstime travel_On 2013-05-13, at 11:06 AM, Byers, Jim wrote:__ _ _Jim Byers_Travel Editor__Toronto Star__office: 416-869-4337__mobile: 416-540-4361__Blog: http://thestar.blogs.com/travel__twitter username: jimbyerstravel__ _

Destination 5: Whistler
From Banff it is around a 9.5 hour drive to Whistler which we originally were going to split up over 2 days with a night in Kamloops but after some research we decided we didn’t really want to waste a night in Kamloops. We have now come to the conclusion will do the journey in one day but divide the driving between the two of us and start early in the morning to give us time for breaks along the way.
We are super excited for Whistler, the village itself is really cute and during summer has a lot of outdoor activities to offer like four wheel bikes rides, zip lining, hiking and sights like Garibaldi Lake or Brandywine falls. We are spending 2-3 days in Whistler.

Crystal Lodge Summer images

Destination 6: Vancouver Island / Victoria
From Whistler we are going to drive to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal to head across to Vancouver with the possibility of a quick detour to Capilano suspension bridge while we have the car. On Vancouver Island we will drive from Nanaimo to Victoria stopping at sights along the way depending on how we are going for time. We are yet to decide whether to keep the car a day or so in Victoria or to drop it off straight away and walk/public transport our way around. A few things we would like to see are Butchart Gardens, Parliment Building and we would love to do a whale watching tour. 2 days in Victoria.

British Columbia Provincial Parlamient. Victoria. British Columbia. Canada.
British Columbia Provincial Parlamient. Victoria. British Columbia. Canada.

Destination 7: Vancouver
Its back on the ferry, this time just us and no car over to Vancouver to spend a few days shopping, eating, dancing and enjoying all the things a city has to offer. A few things on our list so far for Vancouver.. Farmers Markets/Night Markets, Granville markets, Gastown, Stanley Park and we may even be there during Vancouver Pride Parade and Celebration of Light which we would also love to see. 2-3 days Vancouver.


Destination 8: Seattle
We hear the most scenic way to travel to Seattle from Vancouver without a car is via the Amtrak train so I think that is what we will do. We have 2-3 days in Seattle before flying back to Oz so we would like to visit a Premium Outlet Mall – bought a lot of stuff at these malls in Orlando and Vegas when I was in US last time so fingers crossed Seattle has a good one. We haven’t done that much research on Seattle yet seeing as it is our last stop but so far the museum and needle are on our list.


So what do you think? Anyone been to Canada that can suggest anything in any place worth seeing? or any helpful tips for driving or planning our trip?? All suggestions welcome 🙂

Note. All photographs in this post are from google images or pinterest, they were not taken by me.

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