Day 9 – recovering 

After being complete shitheads last night and being typical Aussies in Bali after we said how much we hate it when Aussies run a muck in foreign countries.. Such hypocrites. We got up at around 7.30am and started getting ready for our day on the island today which was super hard as we were both hungover. We showered and got dressed before heading down to breakfast to quickly eat before we were meant to head off to board the ferry across to Nusa Lembogan. After barely eating at breakfast and already feeling like it was unbearably hot outside we decided that spending the day at the pool was probably more manageable than spending the day in the sun on a boat. 

We went up to our room for a little before heading down to spend the next couple of hours relaxing around the pool. I headed back up to my room around 2.30pm for a rinse off since my skin was on fire from spending two days in the sun. After my rinse off I layed in bed and ended up having a sleep until about 5pm. I’ve been keen to check out this place called the fire station so I asked Chris and Amanda and we all agreed to give it a go. So we got ready and headed off. 

About ten minutes and 800m later we found this cute little two story restaurant called The Fire Station and it was amazing. Great food! And fantastic service. If you’re ever in the Sanur area and looking for a reliable and yummy place to eat then that’s the place. 

 After dinner we strolled back to our hotel but stopped at a little bakery on the way for something sweet before continuing on back home. Once at our hotel we got ready for bed and watched some tv. Checking out and heading back to Australia tomorrow.  

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