Day 8 – exploring Sanur 

Today was our relax day with nothing planned so we didn’t have an alarm until 9am but I woke up at 8 and decided to chill on the balcony for a bit until waking jean up to go to breakfast. At breakfast we met Chris and Amanda for our usual pastries, fruits, juices, omlettes etc, yum! 

After breakfast we all went to the pool which was amazing and very hot, got sunburnt! We hung out at the pool for a while before getting bored and deciding shopping sounded like a good idea. So we went to reception and asked for two bikes to explore Sanur on. Chris and Amanda wanted to go get some stuff so just Jean and I set off on our adventure. 


 If you’ve ever been to Bali you will know that the roads here are crazy, there are scooters and cars everywhere. Pretty much no road rules, no one stays in there lane they just drive in the middle and on the wrong side. Cars and scooters just weave in and out of one another and a lot of the time the scooter will push past cars or cut cars off. Not only all that but at a roundabout you can cut the roundabout and drive the wrong direction and no one gives way, no one waits and no one stops. You literally push your way into the roundabout like everybody else. 

Anyway with all that being said we set off on our adventure to ride a km or two up the road to the main shopping area of Sanur. Once we arrived we chained our bikes together and left them there while we explored on foot. After we finished exploring on foot we went back to our bikes and road back a different route past our hotel and down to the beach where we chain our bikes to a tree and set off again on foot. The beach was very cute with lots of water sports, beach chairs, restaurants all along the edge of the beach. 

For some reason we decided it would be fun to hire a kayak so we payed the shop, stuffed our belongings in a locker and carried our kayak down to the water. We paddled around for a little bit before realizing we were getting super sunburnt and should probably have some lunch. We took our kayak back, grabbed our stuff and continued walking along the beach path. We came across a place called Bamboo Bar where we though we could have some lunch since it was already around 3pm. 

We took a seat at Bamboo bar and it all went downhill from there. Jean and I started off with some wedges, a burger and some cocktails which quickly turned into another round of cocktails followed by another and another and another. We decided to call it quits and paid our $50 AUD bill but Jean convinced us both to have another round so we did. Just as this was happening I got a message from Chris and Amanda who I convinced to come join us since this place had such good cocktails. A little while later they arrived and the rounds of drinks just kept coming and coming. Eventually it was late and we were hungry so we ordere a steak, wedges and chips and kept the drinks flowing. Finally we got to the point of no return and had to go home as we were all way too far gone. We asked for the bill which came to approx $440 AUD, that is a huge amount of cocktails. Amanda and I walked my bike home but Jean decided she was quite capable to ride hers, hilariously she stacked (fell off) it and grazed her knees.. Such a lmao moment. 

 Finally back at the resort we realized we had lost the bike lock key which Amanda and Chris went to look for while I put jean in the shower and to bed. In the end we didn’t find the key and had to return the bikes without it. We all went back to our rooms to sleep around 11.30pm

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