Day 7 – Ubud, Bali 

We had an alarm set for 7.50am this morning to get ready for our day exploring Ubud which was super exciting. We got up and quickly got dressed so that we could head down to breakfast at our resort as it was included with the room. There were plenty of options for breakfast – cereals, pastries, juices, fruit, coffee, tea, toast, omelette, rice dishes and heaps more. We got a meal meant for one person to share between the two of us because fruit platters, a basket of pastries, oats and an omlette seems like a waste of food for one, we still couldn’t even finish it by sharing. 

After breakfast we grabbed our stuff from our room and went to the lobby where we met Made who was going to be our tour guide/ driver for the two of us for today. Made was born and raised in Bali and runs a driver/tour business taking people to various places in Bali they wish to go, he was highly recommended by other travelers on tripadvisor so I contacted him a few weeks before our arrival and organized a day tour around Ubud. We hoped into Made’s van and headed off toward Ubud. 

Made asked us which places we wanted to go and gave us recommendations of alternatives that were closer or better for one reason or another. He also suggested a schedule to the day based on proximity to maximize our time. We agreed on Elephanf Safari Park just outside Ubud to start as it was the furthest place we wanted to visit. On arrival at Elephant Safari Made showed us the entrance then waited in the car park for us while we paid and went in. We got to take photos and hug this cute little elephant while others did the same with the other elephants at the park. The elephants didn’t seem to be mistreated so I was happy. 

 After elephant safari we drive back into Ubud town itself to look at the royal Palace, Pura Taman Saraswati temple, Ubud markers and the rice fields. Made dropped us off and agreed on a meeting place that he would wait while we walked around the attractions, shops and had lunch. Lunch ended up being at the Lotus Cafe at Saraswati Temple, the food wasn’t bad and the view was beautiful so we were happy. After lunch we strolled the streets which are full of market stores, boutiques and restaurants. Its almost a much narrower, busier version of Port Douglas Main Street. After a little while we decided we’d had enough and met Made to continue on with our day. 

From Ubud central area we drove a little bit to Monkey Forest which we were both hesitant to visit because of the amount of YouTube videos going around of people being attached by monkeys. We made our entry and went on in, this time Made came with us and watched our back.. Haha! The monkeys do some pretty funny things and they don’t actually come anywhere near you unless you have food so people on YouTube stop teasing them and there’s a much bigger chance they won’t bite you. 

 By now it was 3pm and around an hour drive back to our hotel so we decided to finish our day and ask Made to take us back early without seeing the ruins. We had our massage booked and wanted to eat etc first so we though it would be wise. 

At just after 4pm we reached our hotel. Made’s rate was IDR 500,000 (approx $50 AUD) but we decided that he was so good we would give him that much each, so all up he made $100 AUD. Still way cheaper then a tour guide and transport all day in Australia. We said goodbye or possibly see you in a few days and headed up to our room to change and shower.

At around 6.30 once we were refreshed we started our search for food nearby. There was a restaurant quite busy called Redmanna that we decided to settle for because the way we see it, safety comes in numbers. We ate our dinner of basic goreng, spring rolls and beef redang which wasn’t too bad. There was this cute cat sitting next to our table waiting for food which was funny, it had eyes like puss in boots. 

After dinner we walked down the road for our 7.30pm couples massage at Leha Leha which was approx $45 AUD each and went for 2 hours and 15 minutes including full body, head and foot. Jean was very happy with hers, my lady was a little rough on the head massage so next time I think I’ll just go for a body massage. 

By this time it was about 9.45 and we were covered in oil so we went home, shower and went to sleep. 

Note: for anyone traveling to Bali looking for airport transport or tours I highly recommend Made. He has extremely good English and was so easy to get along with, we talked cultures, lifestyle and many many things about Bali and I learnt so much. 

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