Day 6 – goodbye Singapore, hello Bali! 

After passing the hell out last night I woke up before my 8.20 alarm this morning which was good, gave me some time to surf the net and chill before having to get ready. Once our alarm went off we both got up and got ready / packed the rest of our belongings to check out and head to the airport. We left our hotel and arrived at the airport with a huge line waiting for us to reach the check in counter.. Lovely! After waiting at least 30 minutes we checked in our luggage and headed to the nearest food area since Jean and I hadn’t had breakfast yet. Subway was the best option so we settled for that, ate up and headed to our gate as our plane was scheduled to depart at 12.15pm. 

After finally getting on our plane which was delayed almost an hour (Air Asia was the airline if anyone is wondering) we had a 2.5 hour flight to Bali which actually went quite fast since Jean and I both fell asleep watching a movie. On arrival in Bali which was an hour later than we had expected the airport was quite busy and we had to get our visas before going through customs which were around $55 AUD. After getting through customs and getting all our stuff together it was time to find a taxi to our hotel in Sanur. Walking out of Bali airport is like sitting on the ground in a pen full of puppies, the taxi drivers basically all run to you as soon as you walk out the door and yell over top of one another to convince you to pick them. It is quite intimidating and stressful if you have no plan to get to your hotel already. I would probably recommend organizing your transfer to and from the airport by a recommended driver from tripadvisor before going to Bali, this way you can agree on a price and a destination up front. In the end we settled on IDR 200.000 which is approx $20 AUD with a random driver to take us to Sudamala suites and villa. 

On arrival at Sudamala suites after around a 25 minute cab ride we pull up in this cute little street with lots of trees and little restaurants. Our hotel has a beautiful restaurant with trees and fairy lights at the entrance with a beautiful garden in the middle of the resort and then to the back a cute little pool where they hold yoga classes, another dinner spot and a spa area. After paying for our cab we went to sort out our check in at reception where we dealt with this very pretty young Balinese lady who was very polite. We were given welcome drinks, our rooms were carried to our room for us and the young lady made it her duty to walk us to our room and show us about all the gadgets in the room and activities around the resort. The service so far was great. 

After a quick change of clothes we all met down at the resort restaurant where we all got spring rolls, steaks, wedges and vegetables. Steaks for approx $15 AUD cooked quite nicely I thought was a bargain. In total the bill was around $105 AUD for all 4 of us to have steak so that was pretty good. 

After dinner we walked a min or two down the road to Leha Leha spa which I had heard was a great place to get a massage. We had a look at their options and ended up booking at 7.30pm tomorrow a couples head, body and foot massage for 2hr 15mins for $45 AUD, that’s insane! I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow and if it’s good I’ll book in a few more. After booking in all our massages chris and Amanda went back to the hotel and Jean and I went walking down the road to see what was nearby. Cute restaurants and cute shops so far, maybe we can explore further tomorrow or the next day. 

We walked back to our hotel to shower, relax and get ready for our day out tomorrow at the rice fields, excited! Goodnight 😊

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