Day 5 – just chillin in Singapore 

We didn’t have much planned today which was great because it mean our alarms didn’t go off until 10am and we didn’t get out of bed until 10.30. After getting out of bed we ate some fruit, drank some tea and watched Kung fu panda while getting ready to do a girls day of shopping. 

Around 11.15 we headed next door to the suntec mall where we found an awesome h&m with some great stuff and no lines to the change room, thanks god! We strolled around and bought a few things before coming back to our hotel to pick up Chris and head over for lunch at that cute little food court we seen the other day at Marina Square Mall. We grabbed a table with a view and had a nice lunch looking over Marina bay. 


After lunch we shopped around Marina square before deciding we were all tired and going back to the hotel to relax before the night safari. Unfortunately not long after we arrived back at our hotel it started to pour down rain with lightning so we came to the conclusion the night safari probably wasn’t a good idea. So Jean and I decided we would have that amazing Indian from La Pa Sat one more time so we jumped in a cab and off we went. We ordered our usual which was delicious as always from Indian Classic Cuisine stall. After our dinner we grabbed juice as usual and grabbed a cab back to the hotel. 

Back at our room we both showered, packed our bags ready for our flight tomorrow and watched Quantico on tv until bed 

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