Day 4 – The adventures in Singapore continue

After last night even our 10am alarm was too early, when I heard it go off I felt like it was Monday and it was time for work. I got up anyway and blogged a little while Jean showered and we both go ready to do a little more shopping. 

I think it was after 11 when we decided to walk around the corner and grab the train back to Bugis street. First stop, breakfast. We went to this Paris inspired place where we got smoothies, coffee and breakfasts if eggs, bacon and sausages. After sitting for quite some time using their wifi it was around 1pm and it was time to head off to Bugis+ mall and the markets in search of some clothes that would actually fit my tiny butt! I came across this great little store for petite girls with called Bershka with some great stuff in it! 

 After shopping we decided it was time to head back to our hotel to meet the others before heading to our activities for the night. Considering the time was only around 3pm when we got back we thought a few ours at the pool sounded like fun so we put on our swimmers and met Chris and Amanda down there for a dip. 

 Around 5pm we decided the weather was no longer ideal for swimming so we got changed and met again in the lobby to start our night around the bay. First stop Gardens by the bay. We decided to pay for both the cloud and flower domes and I’m glad we did because they were both really worth the visit. The cloud dome is home to this huge waterfall and sky bridge with an amazing collection of plants. The flower dome was half home to cactuses and half flower garden with fairy lights and pretty colours so it was very much worth a visit also. Both places are a beautiful day out. It was now dark and we made our way to the super tree garden to watch the 7.45pm light show which was amazing, I took as many photos as I could but those won’t be posted until I get back home from trip. 






After the light show was done we headed to Marina bay sands to explore and have dinner. The shopping mall is huge but looks quite small from the outside. Inside is a canal with gondoliers operating up and down to represent Venice. Anyone who’s been to the Venetian in Las Vegas, it’s similar. Finally dinner time, everyone was hungry. We ended up at an all you can eat buffet on the ground floor of Marina Bay Sands called Rise. $85 per person and you could eat until you spewed if that’s what your heart desired. Such an amazing variety, roast meats, Chinese food, Indian food, other types of Asian, salad bar, bread bar, seafood bar, sushi bar, fruit bar and dessert bar. Yum! I think all up I got 4 plates

 After dinner this was Jean and my last chance to visit the skypark on top of Marina Bay Sands so we headed on a mission to make it up there by 11 as they were about to close. Chris and Amanda had been there already so they headed back to the hotel. The view from the skypark is fantastic and would’ve been even better if today wasn’t a really bad day for that annoying haze over Singapore at the moment. After a few photos we headed back down to walk along the water and across the helix bridge to get some photos of the bay. 

Finally we covered the ground we had planned and went back to our hotel for a shower and sleep because our feet were dying! 

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