Day 3 – shopping and soaking up the culture in Singapore 

9am wake up today for a day of shopping. We took our time getting ready and headed down to the lobby for breakfast. $22 for fruit, granola with milk or yogurt, an omelette and your choice of juice or coffee.. Not too bad 

After breakfast we all met up and decided this would be a great chance to tackle the train seeing as the markets were only one stop away so we walked a few minutes down the road to the promande station where we bought our tickets and caught a train to Bugis Street. 

 On arrival at Bugis street we looked through the food court at the mall before heading outside and across the road to Bugis Street markets which are just like paddies markets in Sydney basically but nicer clothes lol. After a quick stroll through the markets we headed around the corner to Arab street and Haji lane. Arab street is quite pretty, blocked off for pedestrian use only and with a huge mosque at one end of the street it is lined with Arab shops and cafes. The next little street over  is called Haji lane which is also blocked off to cars and lined with quirky little boutiques selling all different items. The buildings a gorgeous little townhouse style buildings, each with a different color scheme and decorations, some with amazing graffiti.. If you’ve been to Melbourne this is probably the closest place to it in Singapore. 


After Haji lane and my brother complaining about how bored and hot he is and how he doesn’t understand what we are even looking at we flagged down a cab and headed for Orchard Road to do some shopping. First stop ION mall, you should see the outside of this place, it’s funky! Inside the mall was h&m, top shop, Aeropostale and lots more. But best of all was the food court on basement 4, all these little stores selling various Asian cuisines. Some places even had service yourself soup bars where you put the ingredients you want into a bowl and then they mix it up and add the soup, so cool! 

After lunch we went into all the shops we wanted in the mall then headed off along orchard road in and out of as many malls as we could. Singapore has so much shopping! There are so many malls in every part of the city and they’re all huge! After all that shopping it was now around 6pm and we were hungry so we came to the conclusion we wanted to try the other hawker center La Pa Sat so we jumped in a cab and off we went. 

We got to La Pa Sat and the street had been blocked off for tables and chairs for their nightly satay street. Jean and I had been eyeing off kebabs since we arrived so we decided to get it a go, 10 sticks for $7 yum!! So that was entree, now for main.. We agreed on Indian, $16 for a huge pile of rice, two types of meat, pappadams, a samosa and some naan bread that was enough to feed us both and it was amazing, yum! After our meal we went back to the hotel to get changed and meet Amanda and chris.

At around 10pm Jean and I were all dressed and ready to meet Amanda and Chris for drinks at Clarke quay. First stop a place called Cafe Guana where we had some cocktails and shots. Amanda wasn’t feeling good so she headed on home and the 3 of us continued on to two more bars and many more drinks. Finally at around 2.30-3am we called it quits and went home to bed 


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