Day 2 – Sentosa Island Singapore 

Jeans alarm went off at 9.00am since my phone still hasn’t adjusted to the time difference. It’s Sentosa day.. Yippee!! We took our time getting up and ready but at about 10.10am we went in search of food while Chris and Amanda had their hotel breakfast. 

 Across the road is Marina Square mall but even though it says open time is 10am almost nothing was open and we ended up settling for a fruit tray which wasn’t the greatest but it’ll have to do. In the process we did come across this gorgeous little food court with a huge range of Asian food and an amazing view of the bay, so we may keep that little baby up our sleeves for another night.  

After breakfast we all met up and grabbed a cab over to Sentosa since it was already 11am and we hadn’t even got our tickets for universal studios yet. On arrival at Sentosa we visited a few stores like candylicious and then lined up to get our tickets for Universal. $74 for entry and $50 for the fast pass allowing you to head straight to the front of the line once in each ride in the park.. This was so worth it! We went on at least 5 rides with wait times of 50-85 minutes and didn’t wait longer then 10minutes and no wait at all for some. If you don’t have an entire day to spend just at universal studios like us than this is totally worth it. At universal we went on shrek 4D which is cool for kids but a bit long and boring for adults. Adventure Rapids was fun but we got soaked, the mummy returns which is a fantastic ride, both blue and red battlestar galactica were so good but blue was definitely the better one but not for anyone with a fear of speed or heights – lots of upside down parts and drops lol I screamed my bloody head off. The best part was I was screaming louder than the cute little 10 year old riding alone sitting next me. Finally we went on the transformers ride which even though I’ve already done when I was in Orlando I was super keen to do it again and really wanted my brother and his gf to experience, it’s awesome! 
After Universal Studios Chris and Amanda went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for their dinner reservation while I dragged Jean along to SEA Aquarium. Anyone that knows us knows she doesn’t like fish and I looooove all things fish and shark related. Lol poor Jean, I did my best to make it quick so we could go home and relax a bit since we both were getting sore by this point. 

 After the aquarium we went to see the big famous Singapore Merlion and then headed towards the taxi rank via the casino. Sentosa is super cool, great family day out. We grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel to relax and get ready for dinner. Chris and Amanda headed off to their 7pm reservation at Ce La Vi at Marina Bay Sands.  

 Around 7pm we came to the decision that dinner at the Maxwell Hawker center in china town sounded like a good idea so we grabbed our stuff and headed downstairs to jump in a cab. On arrival at the center there were so many options but Jean and I both wanted a juice first so I got a sugar cane juice for $1.50 and she got a passionfruit, orange and pineapple juice $3.00.. So cheap. We then decided in a chicken and rice dish to share as we had opted for a large and planned to try more things. $5 for the meal and we both were so full by the end of it we didn’t need anything else. Now very content with our $2.50 each meal and tradional Singaporean experience we decided to take a stroll through china town which is sooo clean with lots of cute bars and restaurants inside these beautiful little buildings. Singapore has the most amazing collection of buildings with shutters and different colours. After our stroll we flagged down a cab and went back to the hotel to meet up with Chris and Amanda. 


After our big day Jean decided she needed some sleep  so I went lone soldier to the lobby to meet my bro and his gf for a drink.I got to taste the famous Singapore sling, quite nice! Anyway it’s now 12.30am and I’m exhausted so night


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