Day 1 – See ya later Australia 

After last nights mess of working later then expected, starting my packing from scratch, dropping my car off home so it doesn’t get damaged on the street for 1.5 weeks, finding something to eat when I had nothing defrosted and organizing everything else that needed to be organized I was glad to finally get to bed. 

Surprisingly my 4.30am wake up was not as difficult as I had expected. Once my alarm went off I jumped out of bed, threw on the clothes I had prepared, went downstairs for breakfast, brushed my teeth and was ready to go when the cab arrived. Unfortunately my brother (Chris) was not. He decided it was a good idea at 2am to take a sleeping tablet and when I came downstairs to have breakfast he was literally asleep standing up in the kitchen. This was a bit of a speed bump seeing as he was forgetful and falling asleep every chance he got meaning his girlfriend (Amanda) and I had to keep telling him to go get ready. 

Finally we all got in the cab and headed to the Jolimont center to catch our 6am bus from Canberra to Sydney which is about 3-3.5 hours. On the bus I watched the tv show Tanked while everyone else slept. It went pretty quick actually. 

On arrival at the airport we checked in, went through customs and by now it was definitely brunch time. We all grabbed a pretty quick meal and snack for the plane before heading to the gate to depart. My brother only now with it enough to ask questions and realize he had forgotten half the things he wanted to bring. We boarded our flight with Scoot airlines to Singapore and took off around 1pm. Here we come Singapore! 


Approx 8 hours later we arrived in Singapore, the local time around 7-7.30pm. For anyone flying scoot there are no free anything including screens and movies so make sure you bring snacks and at the very least an ipad. I had a laptop luckily. Fun fact about scoot, they don’t have blinds but a button that turns the window various shades of blue to block out the light, it’s pretty cool! 

From the airport we changed some currency over 1aud = 0.99 sgd isn’t too bad on this day so we went for it. After all the legal stuff was taken care of we grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel Pan Pacific on Raffles Boulvard. Wow it’s gorgeous. Approx 38 floors high, I’m still not quite sure haha. It has several restaurants, bars, a pool, fitness center and 5 star service. The lobby and rooms and very nice. And to top of it all there is probably 2 million dollars worth of R35, BMW, Mercedes and about 7 more luxury cars parked out front. Nice! 

 After checking in, changing clothes and mucking around we decide it was time to head out for dinner. Current time, approx 10pm so I thought there’s one plus that must be open, Clarke Quay and its beautiful. We caught a cab there which is super cheap like $10 and went to Jumbo Seafood for their chili crab which my brother has been dying to try. A pretty good meal I thought. After dinner we strolled a bit taking in the sights before heading to a bar called wings where we had a few Appletinis. A few later Amanda was drunk and we grabbed a cab home. It’s amazing that on a Thursday night a lot of places sell dinner until after midnight and the bars are still quite busy. Great atmosphere, so far Singapore is great 🙂 


Universal studios tomorrow hehe goodnight 😉😜

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