Procrastination at its best.. but finally packed and ready to go!

Currently it is 8.20pm the night before I am meant to catch my 6am bus to Sydney so I can board my plane to Singapore. At this moment I have still done no packing at all, the best I have done is got myself a season of Tanked to watch in transit and charged 1 out of 3 Gopro batteries.

Why didn’t I do all my packing and things earlier in the week you ask? Well I decided surfing WordPress and TripAdvisor were the more interesting options. Luckily I have been a little prepared, I have a list of things to pack and my passport so that’s a plus! Ill check back in a little later with my progress..

It is now 11.10pm and I have just finished packing, yipee!
So what do I pack for 11 days in Asia…

Toiletries bag is the usual, tooth brush, paste, moisturisers, razers, make up (nothing special just my foundation, mascara, concealer and eye shadow basically), deodorant, perfume, shower needs etc. Especially for Bali I made sure to have probiotics and gastrostop as well as disinfectant wipes to try my best to avoid Bali Belly as everyone seems to call it.

Technology is always a huge part of my packing list, I like to film a lot of my trip with my GoPro so for that I have back up batteries, a chest strap, head strap, pole, surface mounts, charger and USB cables. To copy my footage when my memory card becomes full I have a HP laptop (which is much larger than I would like but I will invest in a smaller one eventually) and a portable hard drive. Next on my technology list is my camera, I am taking my 400d with a back up battery, back up memory card and cables for transferring. The lens attached is my Tamron 18-270.

Clothes… Which is always the difficult part for chicks since you don’t want to miss out on having the right outfit for every occasion. 

In the end I packed; 

2 dresses that can double up as formal with my little black boot heels and casual with things. The top and skirt double up as formal or casual as well but with the option to mix and match with other tips or bottoms so winning there. 

4 tops and 4 shorts which can be mixed and matched to make up more then 4 outfits with either my slip of Vans look a likes or thongs. And a button up that doubles up as a cardigan or can be buttoned up for concealment at a temple. That black singlet is also my PJ top but shhh. 

 2 sets of swimmers and 1 extra pair of black universal bottoms to give me a third option if needed. 

Obviously I also packed more than 11 days worth of underwear and socks, a pair of pj shorts and a bra. 

For the plane I went with black tights, my trusty universal black singlet, a hoodie and my vans look a likes. 

That concludes my packing, now it’s time for bed. See you in Singapore! 

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