Hopefully practice makes perfect

So today this post wont be about an adventure as such but more about my journey learning about Photography.

A few years ago my dad brought home a Canon 400D, you know the one with the that same two lens kit a lot of the Canon’s come with. Well anyway I had done Photography in year 11 and 12 and anyone that knows me knows I am extremely interested in it and would one day love to be able to take photos like some of the people on WordPress can. I claimed the camera and took it along with me overseas to Asia but learnt pretty quickly that when traveling changing between my 18-55 for wide shots and then 75-300 for zooming things in became very heavy and a bit of a hassle.

On my return and before heading off on my next overseas trip to USA I decided to invest in an all rounder lens the Tamron 18-270 which I thought should do me for most general travel situations and so far so good. But after returning from USA I realized my photos were less than average and even though I had invested in what I thought was a better lens for me and had been carrying around this heavy DSLR for 7 weeks, I probably took better photos with my iPhone.

Finally I came to the conclusion it was time to learn how to get that thing off Auto mode and take a few blog worthy photos. If you don’t know already I leave for Singapore and Bali on Thursday (today is Sunday). So last weekend I did an Introduction to DSLR class which taught me about aperture, ISO, Focus point selection, shutter speed and a few other handy little tips. For anyone who lives in Canberra the class was at Photo Access in Manuka and it was a good little day of learning with plenty of opportunity for questions.

Now obviously, if you don’t practice and use what you are taught you eventually forget and I really want to do okay with my pictures next week in Asia so I spent the day in Burra today at my parents farm just playing around with what I learnt and I have a few shots to show you guys.. Please feel free to comment with feedback on what I could have done better.

IMG_3184 IMG_3255

I really wanted a bee shot but they just wouldn’t keep their speed remotely slow enough for me to get a crisp shot

IMG_3308IMG_3316 IMG_3326 IMG_3327 IMG_3334 IMG_3340  IMG_3353 IMG_3359 IMG_3362

Ignore the grease on my dogs head (Her name is Teagan) she likes to play under the cars and machinery

IMG_3389 IMG_3398

All photographs are as they were on the camera and have not been edited at all. I would love to be able to be fairly happy with most of my originals rather then editing every picture I take so that I am happy (especially if I have taken a few hundred plus)

Thanks for reading 🙂

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