New Orleans. There is no place quite like it. 

It has been just over a year since I visited the amazing place of New Orleans. The French Quarter is like nothing I have ever seen before, it was a bit of a culture shock really considering I had just spent seven weeks traveling around the USA with most things being pretty similar apart from changes in weather. But on arrival in New Orleans I was amazed and instantly loved it. I think I first saw the French Quarter on the TV show the Originals and I wanted to know more so I researched where it was. Once I started organizing my trip to the states, I researched how I could make a visit to that awesome place I saw in all the photos and on the TV happen. Finally a few days from San Antonio Texas was made possible, you can read about my adventure here..

Some of the things I loved about New Orleans;

Street performers… People singing or doing tricks on lots of the street corners hoping for a few dollars. You might think why did you like that? If you haven’t been to New Orleans then imagine that you walked down the street and the busker you seen was actually good. Like good as in you wanted to stop and watch or listen and you felt like you want to give them money because they deserved it. Not like some of the people you see in Oz that just hold up a sign or sit in the way of the shopping centre entrance and ask people for a dollar as they walk past.

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Party atmosphere.. I loved that at night Bourbon street is closed off to cars and all the businesses open up onto the street. Police riding horses patrol the street but things are still allowed to get a little rowdy. Everyone walking the street is holding an alcoholic beverage and the music from all the different venues is spilling out onto the street. Alcoholic Slushies! Most bars and restaurants sell lots of flavours and they are amazing! But don’t forget if you aren’t from the U.S they free pour and like to serve drinks in huge cups so one Slushie later and you might be stumbling around the French Quarter like I was hehe.

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Amazing food.. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Creole dishes, Beignets (little puffs of heaven), seafood dishes, Po’boys. Before visiting New Orleans I had tried Gumbo and Jambalaya once before but they didn’t have the flavours and amazing taste that the ones in NOLA did, they were mostly spicy fried rice with some kind of sausage. All the food in New Orleans is great but being a super sweet tooth I enjoyed the Beignets (Cafe Du Monde of course) and the pralines which I had never had before either but they are amazing. I even brought home a few boxes of Aunt Sallys Pralines in different types for my parents to eat.

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Probably the thing I love about New Orleans the most and just makes me want to never leave that beautiful city is the Architecture and character of the buildings. The layout of the French Quarter just makes me want to wander aimlessly and the little quirks of the buildings such as their shutters, balconies, plants hanging off the balcony, metal work of the balustrades and other detailing. I love the little attic windows a lot of the buildings have and internal courtyards. Although the French Quarter has some beautiful buildings so does the Garden District which we did a little trip to during our visit and loved it. The big beautiful trees along the streets and all these huge houses, whats not to love.

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Personally I do not believe in anything supernatural, if I haven’t seen it or science hasn’t proved its real then chances are you wont convince me it exists. But in NOLA they believe in ghosts, voodoo, witchcraft and vampires which makes the city that much more cool even though I don’t believe. During our visit we did a Ghost tour at night showing us all the haunted places around the French Quarter with stories about what awful thing happened there to make it haunted. I quite enjoyed this tour and just love the creepy vibe NOLA gives off.

New Orleans is similar in a small way to Melbourne in Australia which I LOVE for the record. They both have trams (streetcars) and horse and cart as a form of public transport in the city. I am an animal lover though so the horse and cart won’t really get my vote or my money but in theory its cool.

IMG_7862 USA 2014 2035 USA 2014 2088

I have come to the conclusion that I would like to do at least two more trips to New Orleans, one trip to attend Mardi Gras because it is considered one of if not the best place to celebrate the event in the world (plus from what I have seen it looks like so much fun). Trip number two will be to celebrate Halloween New Orleans style because as I said previously they believe in all things creepy and to me that would make a scary and amazing Halloween experience. During my visit to Florida I visited the Everglades which I thought was pretty cool but after a few seasons of The Originals and a bit of research I think I would really like to visit the Bayou.

Hopefully I can make it back some time soon to complete some more of my bucketlist items. Thanks for reading 🙂

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