Bali & Singapore Bucketlist

Not long now until I’m off again on my next adventure! This time, Bali and Singapore, yipee!

I am in the process of putting together a bucketlist for the trip as I have done for my previous trips to help me think of activities I could do that are either really awesome or unique to the country I am visiting.

Here is what I have so far;

Overall Holiday Bucketlist:

  • Get a tattoo (attempt #2, #1 was in USA and I couldn’t make up my mind)
  • Take at least 1 amazing scenic photo (hopefully my pre-trip photography class will pay off) –
  • Master the GoPro selfie ( I am yet to use the GoPro for photos) – I did manage a gopro selfie but it was a bit embarrassing haha
  • Make my family happy by getting at least one nice photo of my brother and myself together (As much as we both don’t want to) – None of just us two but a few of all 4, not sure if that counts? IMG_1060-0

Bali Bucketlist:

  • Swim with Manta Rays off Nusa Lembongan
  • Ride a scooter on Nusa Lembongan
  • Visit the Rice Fields
  • Get a Massage
  • Feed and touch a monkey (successfully without being attacked and getting rabies) – Was too careful to do that but we did get a selfieIMG_1449
  • Go to a Balinese Temple
  • Explore Sanur by bikes
  • Witness a sunset or sunrise
  • Watch traditional Balinese dancing
  • Visit Markets
  • Take cone hat selfie (Asian Conical Hat is apparently the technical name)

Singapore Bucketlist:

  • Visit Gardens by the Bay
  • Try the famous Chilli Crab
  • Eat at a Hawker Centre / Street Food Stall
  • Use the Train system
  • Visit at least 1 cultural district (Little India, China Town, Arab Street – Bussorah St or Haji Lane) – China Town & Arab Street
  • Shop on Orchard Road
  • Visit Marina Bay Sands
  • Take a photo of at least one exotic car – many!
  • Ride a segway on Sentosa Island

I know there must be more exciting things that are bucketlist worthy to do in these countries so please any suggests you may have leave a comment 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bali & Singapore Bucketlist

  1. Awww you’re visiting Singapore- excited! 🙂 I def recommend Haji Lane- it has cool shops 🙂 And is very near Arab Street 🙂 Ps Thanks for liking my post 🙂 I’ll be doing more Singapore posts soon! 🙂

    1. I have done a bit of research on Haji lane but wasn’t too sure if it was worth it, but if it’s the thing you recommend out of everything you could have suggested then I think it seems like a must. Awesome I look forward to reading more about Singapore 🙂

      1. Well if you like shopping I think Haji Lane is worth it because it has more interesting shops! But if not, you may find it boring- it’s quite small. A lot of local brands do their fashion shoots there though 🙂 Plus it’s near mosques etc so you get the cultural side too 🙂 I’ll do a post on it soon so do continue visiting my blog 🙂

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