Melbourne Street Art 

Looking through my photos from last weekend I noticed that even though I was in Melbourne to see the Architecture, I did take a lot of photos of the graffiti which (shh don’t tell my boss) probably interested me just as much if not more than the buildings.
I have been to Melbourne three times in my life and one of those times was purely to attend DesignEx meaning there was little to no exploring between arriving, visiting the expo and heading home again. But the other two times (2011 and 2015) I have had time to explore and both those times I made sure I visited the street art of Melbourne.

During our stay in 2011 we visited Hosier Lane and the connecting Rutledge Lane which are located opposite Federation Square off Flinders Street. Here are a few images from back in 2011;

07.2011 583 07.2011 587 07.2011 588 07.2011 594 07.2011 595 07.2011 597 07.2011 599 07.2011 600 IMG_0650

During our stay last weekend for Open House Melbourne I made sure to do a little detour on our way through the city to have another look at the lane ways of Melbourne. We visited Hosier lane, Rutledge lane and another lane just off Flinders lane that we just happened to stumble across along the way called AC/DC Lane.


 I love how since I last visited the street art has changed so although it is an attraction it is free and it continues to change which is more than I can say for some paid attractions around Australia. I know Melbourne offers paid tours of the ‘Lane ways of Melbourne’ but honestly I don’t think they are worth the money. With all trams now free within the Melbourne CBD and the lane ways all free to enter, not just the street art lanes but the beautiful shopping arcades and food lanes why not explore on your own? A few hours on the internet researching locations and marking them on the Melbourne CBD Tram map and not only will it cost you nothing on transport (if you’re staying in the CBD) and nothing on entry but you might discover other hidden treasures along the way. To start you off here are a few you could look at; Royal Arcade, Cathedral Arcade and Block Arcade. Food lanes such as Centre Place, Degraves Lane and Hardware Lane are all also free to explore and take photos but you might want to try one of the beautiful restaurants while you are there.

Good luck and thanks for reading 🙂

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