Melbourne Weekend – Day 2

What a great sleep! Yesterday was so busy, almost no sleep for more than 24 hours and non stop walking was exhausting.

Anyway Day 2 (Sunday) we woke up at 9.15am feeling nice and refreshed, got ready and headed out the door in search of food. We didn’t want to go far since our first building of the day was only one street away from our hotel so we just went into Melbourne Central for breakfast. Stopping at the first little cafe place we found we all had a nice breakfast of toast with various toppings of avocado, mushrooms, salmon, bacon etc.

After breakfast we went down the road to start off our Open House day at the Argus building which has quite an interesting story behind it. Throughout the day we walked from Melbourne CBD through RMIT to Melbourne University stopping at participating buildings along the way. Some of the ones we stopped at being RMIT Story Hall, RMIT Building 80, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne University’s School of Design and Bio 21. Out of all the buildings the two design schools are both really interesting and by far the nicest but that’s kind of a given seeing as that’s their purpose.


By now it’s 3.30pm and we have walked to all the buildings we said we would catch a tram or cab to because of their distance from the city so we are all hungry and angry. Off to find lunch, so it’s back to Melbourne central just because its convenient and we wanted to look around afterwards. We ended up settling on TGI Fridays which we all know is a world wide place with mainly American style food but it’s still good. Great smoothies, great cocktails and pretty bloody good food so I was stoked!

After our 4.15pm lunch we had a few hours left of time to explore the shops so we started in Melbourne central then through to Emporium, Myer and finally H&M which is not very big here yet but out of the two stores I have been to two in Australia, this one in Melbourne is amazing and huge!

6.45pm.. Bored with shopping and such sore feet so time to go back to the hotel for a few drinks and chill time until we decide to head out for a meal again later.

Haha so it’s 10.50pm and I’m in bed blogging after spending the last few hours watching tv and eating our left over Chinese from last nights dinner. So much for a beautiful dinner in the famous lane ways of Melbourne. I’ve made it my mission to visit the Harley store followed by breakfast and the amazing lane ways. Fingers crossed I can at least achieve that before heading back to boring old Canberra.

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