Melbourne Weekend – Day 1

Hello again!

Finally I (weather) am getting out and about a bit more these days and actually have places to take photos of and write about.

This weekend I am off to Melbourne with two of my friends to attend Open House Melbourne 2015 which is an event that opens lots of buildings around Melbourne that are normally offices or private buildings up for the public to explore inside. It’s basically an architecture event which is why I am attending as you may know by reading the about us page of this blog. Unfortunately Ratt isn’t coming on this journey, maybe we’ll do another post together soon.

So our journey begun at midnight when we boarded the bus from Canberra to Sydney airport which arrived at 3am. This was the quickest ride of my life I slept the whole way which is great because we have a whole day of buildings planned and no time to nap beforehand. Once getting off the bus we had a few hours wait at the airport before boarding our flight to Melbourne. Yes you can fly Canberra to Melbourne direct which would have been lovely because we could have slept all night and still got to Melbourne at the same time but unfortunately even though Canberra is the capital of Australia it has the worst airport and flights are 2-3x the price. Since I am saving for Singapore and Bali in 2 months I couldn’t justify wasting that money for a few hours sleep.

Finally after transferring from international to domestic by bus and waiting until 7am our plane left the ground on route to Melbourne. On arrival in Melbourne we caught the sky bus which is actually quite expensive at $18pp one way from the airport to southern cross station. A short cab ride later we arrived at our hotel CityEdge Apartments on Elizabeth which are actually quite nice, don’t let the reception fool you. We have a lounge room, bedroom, study and bathroom in our spacious 1 bedroom apartment.

Continuing on.. We dropped our luggage off and headed off on course via Tram to the Docklands to begin our building exploration. I won’t dribble on about the details so here are the buildings we visited at the Docklands; library at the dock, NAB and AGL. I would have to say NAB and the Library are quite impressive.


By now it’s around 2.30pm and we have decided to head into the city to visit a view buildings around federation square including federation square, Scott’s church, escala fitout and 41X which if you’ve ever seen Federation Square it’s quite the landmark and 41X is quite impressive in a technical way but that’s mainly because the institute of architects owns and designed it.

After all that walking, freezing and being blown away by the wind we finally finished our buildings for the day and decided to explore the famous graffiti lane ways of Melbourne (the biggest one I know of is Hosier Lane directly opposite Federation Square) as well as stop along the way home for sweet potato fries from Lord of the fries.. Delish! Finally a well deserved rest before dinner and drinks later tonight.. I’ll let you know where we end up and show you the goods.

Hehe okay so.. We woke up from our little nap and got ready to head over to Crown Casino. The place was packed but we ended up after much walking and disappointment finding a Chinese restaurant to eat at called Lucky Chan which had nice food and good service but obviously the price was through the roof because of its location. While we were waiting for our table we went to Red Velvet bar and got a giant cocktail to share.. Yum! For dinner we had duck, beef, veggies and rice.. Also yum!

Omg so finally it’s time to come home at 11pm (with our left over Chinese) back to our hotel, shower and go to sleep.. Goodnight xxx

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