Exploring Sydney

Finally a new post on this blog of ours! Unfortunately Ratt didn’t come on this adventure so it’s Weather and Sim just like the good old days (I know you can’t see my memories but they were good days).

Currently I am sitting alone on the second floor of Paddys Market (Market City) waiting for Sim to arrive and take me to a place where I can stuff my face with deliciousness. It is 1.30pm (Saturday) and so far I have gotten up at 7.50am, been dropped at the bus station in Canberra at 8.30 by the lovely Jean, jumped on the bus at 9.30 and watched the game of thrones final (I won’t spoil it but there were moments I had my mouth open), watched pretty little liars and orange is the new black. At 1.00pm arrived at Sydney Central Station then walked myself over to paddys for a bit of a look around while I wait which then brings me to this moment.

Current thought: I don’t mind this exploring on my own business. Except for the fact my bag weighs half my weight, literally! And I don’t have anyone to watch it when I wanna use the bathroom it’s not too bad being alone. It makes the city feel so much more foreign when there’s no one familiar around and it’s an interesting feeling.. I kinda like it. Possibly something to try in the future? Travel alone? We will see. Anyway I’ll check back in a little later on.

Time now.. 6.45pm. Sim is napping and I am blogging. After our last chat sim arrived we went to the top floor of market city for some lunch. We both had roast duck but hers was a soup and mine was on rice – yum! After eating and chatting for a while we went down to chat time for some bubble tea then headed to central station to grab the train home to her house. On arrival home there was some laying around and catching up followed by this very moment consisting of nap time. Be back soon.

Well last night was interesting! Let’s not have a big night sim says since we are going to Craig David on Sunday night. Haha what a fail. We went to grab some dinner with some of sims friends which turned into drinks at Star Bar in the city which then turned into drunk and rowdy at 2am in Zeta Bar at the Hilton hotel. Nice club, mostly Asian crowd and pretty good Rnb music. Finally we attempted to head home but ended up at a completely packed Chinese restaurant at 3.30am called Golden Century. They must make a killing from drunk people on a Saturday night. Then it was home to bed.

This morning I woke up at 11.50am but we just layed around and got ready until about 1.30pm. Then it was off to The Grounds in Alexandria which is this amazing little place in the industrial area which has utilized some beautiful old buildings to create a series of cafes, food stands, shops and interesting little attractions. They’ve decorated using plants, lights and recycled objects to make it look awesome yet retain the original architecture. We decided to eat at the grounds cafe, I had the crab bruschetta and a yummy fresh juice. Food not bad and overall a great place but be prepared to wait for a table and share the space with lots and lots of other people.

After getting home from the grounds we all decided we needed a nap so back to bed we went but that didn’t last long before the rest of the Craig David crew arrived and it was time to get ready. Being a Sunday night we were so lazy and unmotivated to get dressed up but we did. Firstly we grabbed some dinner at three brothers Japanese in Ashfield. If you’ve read my Sydney food post you’ll see I’ve been here before and it was yummm! So I got the same thing as usual.. My teriyaki chicken bento box. After dinner it was back home to shower, get ready, predrink and cop in a can off to Marquee at The Star casino.

On arrival there was a huge line and upon entry an even bigger crowd, the place was packed. Who knew Craig David was still so loved?.. We danced the night away (haha lame) then decided to get a cab past maccas (McDonalds for any non Aussies reading this) on our way home. 4.30am bedtime on a Sunday night, not a bad effort.

This morning my alarm went off at 11.30am so that this time I could make sure I ate before catching the 1.30pm bus home (last time Ratt and I were in a hurry and didn’t eat the whole day until we got home). But as usual by the time I actually got my ass out of bed it was after midday and I was in a rush. Rush to the train station to make the 12.45 train. Get off at central and rush to find my way out of that maze. Lucky for me I nailed it so I had time to grab some fruit salad before boarding the bus.

Now to write this post and watch my iPad until I fall asleep. Thanks for a good weekend Sim and Casey, I hope to visit again soon! Xx


3 thoughts on “Exploring Sydney

  1. What an amazing post. I love you approach of visiting places off the beaten track and not only the touristic sights. Like that, experiencing a city is a whol different experience 🙂

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