Tropical North Queensland Bucket List

So here are the things I felt I must do while in QLD, I tried my best to complete them all but it is quite hard! Here is how I did;

  • See the GBR from the air

Done! With GSL Aviation and it was fantastic

  • Witness Heart Reef

GSL Aviation.. worth it!

  • Step foot on a Whitsundays island

Yep, we even frolicked in the water and saw Hill Inlet from the lookout, incredible (Ocean Rafting)

  • Ride a zip line

Yep, thanks to Jungle Surfing but next time I wanna do one a little more adrenaline pumping

  • Visit the Daintree Rainforest

Done! Wish we could have seen one of those big blue butterflies up close though and the beach that meets the rainforest, maybe next time.

  • Have a feast of seafood

I’m going to say half done, we did have a fair bit of fresh prawns and I had crab, oysters and calamari.. But we still had more of a seafood feast in New Orleans (still yet to top that one)

  • Snorkel with the biggest fish yet

Yep! Not quite as big as I had hoped (I wanted to swim with one of those Humphead Wrasse fish but maybe next time). We did get to swim with a cute black Giant Trevally though.

  • Swim with a turtle

We did! At Green Island off Cairns.

  • See a clown fish (Nemo)

Yes but no, we did see clown fish but they were kind of deep down and a different colour to Nemo, so I will try complete this better next time I am in Clown fish territory.

  • See a salt water crocodile in the wild

Sadly no 😦

  • See a Cassowary in the wild

No not in the wild, but did see one in captivity.

A few pics to back up my statements;

















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