Day 8 – Home time

A pretty good start today, our shuttle bus wasn’t scheduled until 8am so we gave ourselves approx 45mins to clean the apartment and finish packing before then.

We jumped on the shuttle bus which took us to Proserpine airport where we boarded our 10.15am flight to sydney with tiger. On arrival in sydney we collected our bag before heading to the pick up area, unfortunately Ratts cousin was running a little late so it was after 3pm when we got picked up and headed back to Campbelltown where my car was parked.

After grabbing a quick pie from the bakery for lunch/dinner we headed off back to Canberra at approx 5pm. The drive wasnt too bad but I was determined to be home before dark!. I dropped off Monica and Ratt before heading back to my house and arriving at around 8.15pm, not bad Campbelltown to Tuggeranong to Burra in 3 and a bit hours, good job bucket!! (Bucket is the name of my car for those who are confused lol)

Anyway that concludes this adventure, I might post a video of the trip when I get around to making one but until then and until the next adventure.. Cya! 🙂

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