Day 6 – Transit to Airlie Beach

11 long and painful hours later…

We arrived at Airlie Beach bus terminal. I must say if I had to ever be on a bus again for that long i would pick greyhound, lots of leg room, recliners, USB ports for charging and wireless internet.. Pretty good. Anyway we only had to cross the road to our hotel but omg it was a hot day, sweating like a pig. We all had quick showers, brushed our teeth and changed our clothes since we’d been basically unable to do all that for two days.

Once refreshed we decided to explore, like cairns.. Airlie beach has a beautiful lagoon next to the ocean for people to swim in and it’s fully watched by lifeguards. The Main Street and Esplande are full of shops and restaurants.. Ratt and I bought ourselves some new swimmers. We had a nice quick lunch at a place called Salt, fresh prawns, salad, calamari and fish it was quite enjoyable after the crap Id eaten the last few days.

After our late lunch approx 3pm we headed back to the lagoon so that I could paddle around a little for about an hour and then headed back up to our hotel (a few min water from Main Street) to relax until dinner time.

7pm and it’s time to head off in search of food after our brief nap. We walked to Main Street and decided to check out Fish Devine we had seen earlier. The food was alright, Mon and I got fish and Ratt got pasta but I think all we really cared about was getting back home ASAP to go to sleep, sooo tired!

Anyway we’re back now and ready for bed.. Night xx












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