Day 5 – Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest (Port Douglas)


So today wasn’t too bad, wake up was meant to be around 7.20am but I think I was up around 7am. As usual we got ready, packed up our things and headed down to check out of our beautiful hotel (unfortunately we had another night paid for at the Regal in Port Douglas but Hertz failed to mentioned the ridiculous amount of fees they planned on slapping us with at the counter so we realised it was cheaper to do buses and tours rather then drive ourselves.. Pretty annoyed at hertz though because we all really wanted to stay another night in this beautiful town).

Anyway we had a tour bus arriving outside our hotel at 8.15am so we decided to leave our stuff in the Internet room and run around the corner to catch the pie shop, Mocka’s Pies which opens at 8am and has a big range of flavors and has won lots of awards. Mon and I grabbed steak and mushroom and Ratt had a potato pie, I thought they were quite nice but I was eating it quickly on the tour bus so I didn’t get to enjoy it to its full extent.

We arrived at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas where we got to explore for a while. There were lots of various styles of kangaroo like animals and a big range of birds. There were some seriously cute birds that were very friendly but I did notice some of them had feathers missing and looked to be pretty stressed so I’m not sure I would recommend this place if you are a serious animal lover. I did feel bad for a few beautiful parrot like birds especially because of the beautiful one that hangs out outside my window at home.

At 10am we got on the bus with a different company to continue on with our day. We drove to Cape Tribulation, crossing the Daintree River on the ferry and were dropped at a bar/restaurant in the middle of Cape Tribulation village. Here we were served the lunch we had opted for earlier which for us was fish and chips.
We were in a small group of 6 at the moment, having lunch with 3 people, a guy who’s traveling with his sister and his girlfriend in their early 20s. The six of us swapped the usual, where you from, where you going, where you been, what do you do etc etc..

At midday-ish we were picked up by Jungle Surfing and taken to their site where we were harnessed and helmeted up before heading up the rainforest to the starting point. The experience was designed mostly to be done in pairs so we teamed up with our English friends as they too were a threesome which then made us 3 perfect pairs. Jungle surfing is quite interesting and would definitely be something kids would love but as an adult I feel next time I do zip lining I would like to do one that is a bit more adrenaline pumping. Nice view of the rainforest though.

After jungle surfing we were back on the bus with a quick stopover at the famous ice cream shop (I didn’t bother since I’m lactose intolerant and we still have almost 24 hours on the road before arriving at our next hotel so I wasn’t going to give myself a stomach ache). After ice cream we stopped off at Alexandra’s Lookout for a quick photo op before finally arriving at the crocodile river cruise.

The cruise was approx 1 hour on the Daintree River but was pretty event less, a few girls thought they seen something which splashed around and then swam off so no one really got to see what it was or get a photo but it did appear to be something quite large.

Back on the bus for the drive from Daintree down to Cairns, approx 2-3 hours but with some nice views of the mountains, sugar cane fields and the ocean. We arrived at cairns hotel casino and approx 6.30pm and we had plenty of time to kill before boarding our greyhound bus so we decided to jam out bags in a locker and go off for food.

Dinner ended up being at Rattle n Hum on the cairns esplanade. Mon and I got steaks but we were not that impressed and Ratt got pasta which looked good but she said was too rich and creamy. After dinner we went back to the casino where we got changed and waited before moving down the road to the greyhound stop. There were quite a few people boarding this bus from Cairns to Brisbane, I was disappointed because it meant Ratt and I had to sit together and it was super uncomfortable, not sure how I’ll go for 11 hours like this.

Anyway 12.25am the bus departed.. See you in Airlie Beach xx














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