Day 4 – Port Douglas & The Great Barrier Reef

As usual, early start.. 6am wake up, pack up our stuff, drop off our room keys and be ready to board our shuttle bus to Port Douglas by 6.40am. The bus arrived and we were on our way..

If you ever get to do the drive between PD and Cairns, do it! It’s beautiful, the road runs right along the ocean with amazing views of the edge of Australia and the ocean until the end of the earth. Nice! While on the bus we met a cute American girl from New Orleans who’s traveling by herself, next stop Tasmania and then off to New Zealand then China for her. I’ve always admired people who can travel alone, I dunno if I’m confident enough.

We arrived at our Port Douglas hotel, The Regal at about 8am. We straight away spoke to reception about booking an outer reef tour for today because we really wanted to see the Nemos and coral that everyone raves about. Our minds were originally set on Reef Sprinter half day tour so we could explore PD for the other half but the lovely super helpful and friendly reception lady at The Regal suggested we go with Quicksilver to Agincourt Reef at the outer reef on a day tour including buffet lunch, submarine and it departed at 10am so we had time to make the markets before we left.. DEAL! Sign us up!

We headed off to the Port Douglas Markets which run between 8am-1pm on Sunday’s, some cute things, nice place if you like handmade things and a nice stroll. By the way, on our way to the markets we strolled down PD Main Street Macrossan Street and it is beautiful.. It’s not for those who like big cities, it’s a small beach town with a cute architectural style with lots of tours to do and places to eat.

Next stop, check in at the Marina before boarding our boat to Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver. The boat ride either way is 1 hour 30 minutes but it’s totally worth it and is quite luxurious with a bar and tables and comfy seats.
On arrival at the pontoon we went straight to the submarine boat, it is awesome! It takes you to a part of the reef that you cannot snorkel and the tour guide tells you about the species of fish you can see and the types of coral… Simply amazing!! Whoever said Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth had never been here! Trust me. After our submarine it was midday and the buffet had just been served up so we pigged out.. Pasta, salad, meat, bread, fruit, prawns.. Yum!

After lunch it was time to get down to business. We found a spot to put our stuff, chucked on our Lycra suits (it’s jellyfish season) and headed to the snorkeling area. So cool! The biggest fish hang around the platform where you get in the water, one big blue fish is so cute and friendly he comes up to you and swims around you while you put your flippers on. In the water we get and before we know it we are swimming in probably 20m+ depth of water but it’s so clear we can see the bottom.. Every type of fish you can imagine are swimming around the coral, all colours and all sizes. Even huge parrot fish which if you don’t know what they look like imagine a huge rainbow paddle pop but all the colours are extremely bright.. Yep amazing right!! We saw Nemo fish from a far and I even saw a shark which I did my best to follow around but he was too fast… Truly amazing! If you have a spare $1500, you should definitely do a few days in Port Douglas, visit a pontoon and tomorrow I’ll report back after I go but I think you should go see the Daintree Rainforest.

2.40pm, time to board the boat again back to the Marina.















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