Day 2 – Green Island (Cairns)

Early start today! 6.30am alarm but we were all up by about 6.15, heard Ratt moving around in her bed lol. Quick yogurt and get ready then head downstairs to be picked up by DownUnder Tours at 7.10am. First ones on the bus yipee! Few more pickups then off to the ferry terminal where we checked in and hopped on a ferry with Great Adventure. Unfortunately the weather was crap and the boat was quite rough, a few people spewed and I won’t lie, I probably would have if the boat ride was any longer then 50minutes.
On arrival at Green Island (approx 9am) we explored a little before grabbing our snorkel gear and Lycra suits (damn you high level jellyfish warning!!) and headed down to the beach to the right where lots of people had started snorkeling.
We snorkeled for quite some time seeing a few little to medium sized fish (I saw one big one!) and we got to swim with a sea turtle!!! Bucket list TICK!
Now deciding we are hungry we headed to land for a bit of a chill then off to find food. With lunch I decided on a cider because it was just that bloody good and hot a water just didn’t quite hit the spot like a cider.
After lunch we explored the rainforest for a bit before deciding it was time to check out this pier snorkeling Id heard so much about, so back in our gear we got and it did not disappoint! Parrot fish, angel looking fish, huge puffer fish and even big ones that look like Akon (my old pet fish). Hopefully the gopro footage worked alright so I can put together a video. We weren’t sure of the time so thought we’d better get out, rinse off and wait for the boat back to land. While waiting we decided to play with the life guards equipment while he was away hehe so naughty of us.
Once on the boat we arrived back at shore around 5pm but decided not to catch our shuttle back to the hotel.. Instead we told our bus driver thanks but no thanks then headed off in search of food. We ended up finding a Chinese restaurant, so we settled with that, ate up then walk back to our room. Next up washing our towels, showering and relaxing ready for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, weather xx











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