Day 1 – Cairns

Hello again.. Ratt and I (and Monica) are on one of our adventures again, this time we are checking out the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia.
We started out early today getting up at 4.30am to prepare for our 5am start to Sydney.. Of course we lagged a little and stopped for food which ended up making us leave Canberra around 6am. After some road rage and blocking games with a fellow driver on the way to Sydney we finally arrived in Campbelltown at Ratts relatives who were kind enough to let me leave my car there and drop us at the domestic airport.
Once at the airport we checked straight in as we only had carry on and went for a quick bite before moving to our boarding gate to wait. Unfortunately Jetstar announced it was time for all passengers to weigh their luggage.. This is bad! I (Weather) am for sure overweight and we all knew it and they were making people who were overweight may a $50 fee to check in there overweight luggage.. No way! So I decided I would empty as much stuff as I could into Monica’s bag, have her sit and wait while I got weighed and approved then come back, take all my stuff back then she go up. It worked! Little did they know my 7kg maximum including all bags was actually about 10-12kg hehe I’m not paying you an extra $50 for a few kilos Jetstar.
Anyway after our stupid luggage incident and like 40mins delay on the runway we finally arrived in Cairns at around 2pm (3pm Canberra time). We grabbed a cab out front and headed off for our short drive to Southern Cross Atrium Apartments.
Our room is quite nice, kitchen, big bathroom with large shower and Landry, bedroom with king bed and lounge with TV and double sofa bed. The girls took the king while I was happy to take the double sofa bed.. As anyone who knows me would know, I like to sleep alone like a big star fish so bed to myself = excellent!
Time to explore.. We went across the road and checked out Cairns Central mall before heading up Shield Street to the Cairns Esplanade. The Esplanade is quite pretty and I like the big public pool overlooking the ocean with places to eat all along the street, very beachy. After some pics and a wander we found a restaurant called Raw Prawn which looked yummy so we sat down and order some delicious meals (look at pics) and a cocktail for me obviously.
Full and feeling lazy we stopped by Woolworths to grab breakfast to eat before our tour in the morning then headed home. Me being me wanted to try out the pretty pools in our apartment block so we went for a nice late night dip (7.30pm – but it’s already dark here). Followed by shower time then bed time.

Goodnight! See you tomorrow 🙂











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