Day 49 – Goodbye Stocks, Goodbye Texas and Goodbye America

Wake up time was 10am as we needed to get up and finish packing. We had to get ready to catch our plane at 1pm today. We were pretty much done with packing after last night but we had some last little things that we needed to pack back into our luggage. This meant that our lugagge needed to be weighed again as United airlines are super strict with their weight policy.
We put the last of our stuff in our suitcases and threw them on the scales… all 3 were around 1-2lbs overweight… great. Normally we wouldn’t worry about that, however we knew from our journey with United to San Antonio that United would still through a tantrum for being over 50lbs. After a while of shifting and reweighing we ended up with two very slightly overweight suitcases, which were right on 23kg (50lbs) and our two carry ons were around 9kg each.. Good enough, time to get going. We called a cab to Stocks house at around 11.15am and when it arrived at 11.30 we said our goodbyes, which weren’t really goodbyes but more like a see you later. The cab ride was probably around a half an hour ride to San Antonio airport.

At San Antonio airport we went straight to check in to get our tickets and drop off our luggage. Our luggage was put on the scales and all three bags were between 1.5lbs – 2.5lbs overweight.. I’ll convert that for all you metric system users, that’s 680 grams – 1.15kgs overweight which is literally the equivalent of one or two tins of dog food. But of course United told us we were overweight and to move aside and sort out our weight issue. So picture us two sitting in the middle of the airport floor trying to juggle and manoeuvre this excess baggage from our luggage and attempting to jam in it our already 9kg carry on. We decided the easiest thing to do was to pull out a plastic bag each (yep we came prepared because we knew they’d do this to us), and put our handbags into it, then pile on top with over weight items because United does not allow us to carry more than two carry ons per person…..I’d like to tell you where you can stick my third carry on United.
Finally all checked luggage were underweight and off we went through to security.. As usual my jellyfish paper weight thing got stuck at customs…nothing new there but after a quick drug test (you know in case my paperweight was actually a solid ball of acid or something) we were on our way. It was now breakfast time as we were both starving and had just found out from a blonde chick catching the same flight as us at security, that our flight had been delayed – yipee. We grabbed breakfast at the small food court where Weather got a muffin and Ihad an AMAZING philly cheese steak sub thing. We then killed a little more time checking out the souvenir shops before heading to our gate.
We finally boarded the plane at god knows what time but I think we were around an hour late at this point. Fun fun, Ratt and I were sitting apart with complete randoms on this 3 hour flight. To top that off, this was one of the smallest most uncomfortable planes ever so all there was to do was read.

Once we arrived at LAX, we grabbed our carry ons then headed to baggage claim to grab our luggage. From here we had no idea what to do, so we asked someone how we could get to the international terminal. Apparently it consisted of a long walk followed by a bus ride.. Shit.. How do we do that with two of us, three suitcases and two carry ons? Well off we go, Ratt had two of the suitcases and I had one since her two have 4 wheels and can be pushed almost as one and mine has only 2 wheels so it needs to be dragged. Not long into our walk and I ended up (Ratt) losing control of my suitcase and one ended up rolling over on the foot path. Luckily a nice guy working at the airport saw my struggles and came over to help me by relieving me of one suitcase, which he happily pushed. Not long after pushing one suitcase, we come across a pedestrian crossing and alas my one luggage toppled over. Geez I’m hopeless! The guy looked at me, laughed and said damn girl ahahaha. He then helped us put our 5 pieces of luggage onto the bus! Hurraaaah! Thank you nice man! We were struggling! We rode the bus around to Terminal B (International) where we got off and eventually found our way upstairs to departures. We got upstairs at around 4.30pm and our flight was due for departure at 11.30pm, yay, after our United delay and transportation adventure we still had a 7 hour wait. What was painfully boring about this wait was that we had to wait at the front entrance of the airport with all our luggage and no where to eat because check in doesn’t open until 8pm, damn.
Somehow we managed to kill time and check in came pretty quick so off we went to line up with the surprisingly large number of other people already at the airport. Once at the counter we were nervous as we had put all our overweight items back into our luggage to give ourselves less to carry. The FIJI Airlines check in guy sorted out our passes before asking us to put our bags on the scale. The first bag was slightly under.. Thank god.. Bag two was overweight, it was funny though as the weight didn’t appear, only a sign on the scales that flashed the words overweight.. Well that is just absolutely fantastic, throw the third bag on the scales next to it, overweight.. We then prepared ourselves to pull everything back out but HALLELUJAH! The man thanked us, gave us our baggage receipts and sent us on our way, YES! Thank you god, thank you Fiji! We breezed through security and into the terminal in search of food. The lines were huge and we walked around looking for somewhere where we didn’t have to wait so long. However, this food was ridiculously expensive. I guess its understandable, we’re standing in LAX and surrounding the food court were shops such as Coach, Michael Kors and all those luxurious brands.
In the end we took turns minding our extremely heavy carry ons while the other got food. Ratt got a pizza and I got Panda Express which was yummy. I even got to talk to two Aussie ladies in line who were both heading home from USA too. After food we headed down to the gate to get ready to board, that 7 hour wait went pretty fast, surprisingly! Once boarding the plane Ratt and I were once again not seated together 😦 However, this time were seated across the isle from one another, so we were still within talking and passing distance. I sat next to a guy and his family and Ratt sat next to an Aussie chick. This flight was pretty uncomfortable as I was trying not to bump my seat buddy the whole time so I ended up watching The Internship and The Other Woman between sleeping briefly.

10.5 hours later we arrived in Fiji at around 5am their time. Thank god it was a connecting flight so there was no need to get our luggage. All we had to deal with was our carry on. The line for international departures was moving slowly and it here, no wait, it was We took our also in LAX and the Fijian Airport that we realised there were many Aussies on their way home! We could tell just by everyone’s strong accents, which was super weird to hear as we had been surrounded by American accents for 6 weeks! We soon made it pass security and found a spot to spend our 3 hour stopover. We ended up getting these delicious steak and mushroom pies for breakfast, which tasted quite AMAZING. Finally, 3 hours sped past as we were playing some guess who game on Weather’s phone. It was now boarding time and we had to go pass a little bag check before entering the plane. This was super weird and looked impromptu as literally there were 8 little tables set up and everyone had to wait in line to have their bags inspected. All the took from me was my water bottle, that I bought from their airport! Ah well, finally this time we were sitting together and off we went on a journey to Sydney. Weather spent most of the 4.5 hour flight watching the new Spider-Man and reading her book. Whereas I had already watched the Spiderman movie on our previous flight, so I watched this weird romance filled with terrible acting. Ah, such fun..

Finally we arrived in Sydney! We zoomed through the customs passport check point as good old Sydney had a scanning express thing for AUS and NZ citizens! It was awesome as the line for normal passport checking was HUGE! We soon headed off to the baggage claim area where we thought we grabbed my (Ratt) suitcase and thought it felt a little too light. Not only did it feel so much lighter but the bag wasnt even locked. So I thought that customs had popped open my locks to search my bag, to double check, we opened the luggage and soon realised we had the wrong bag. Oops! We to put the bag back onto the carousel and found my actual luggage. We finally ended up with our three bags and headed through to customs bag search area. We declared some of the lollies and stuff we had bought just to be safe but the customs guy said don’t even worry and sent us along. WOOHOOOO! We are free and we are finally home! We then headed outside of the airport to the pickup area where we waited for Paul. Ahh Australia.

Paul arrived, not sure if he was excited or nervous or what but he looked so cute in his trackies and jumper lol !

Anyway that basically concluded our USA trip. We’ve uploaded some photos of the day or two after we got home as well as photos on the day we had left. We hope everyone enjoyed reading our blog and hopefully we’ll get to write again soon when we head on our next adventure.
Goodbye for now, but not forever

Ratt and Weather xxx
… P.s Adios Amigos! Hehehehe


















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