Day 48 – Last Chance San Antonio

After our huge day at seaworld yesterday we all had quite a big sleep in to catch up on lost energy. I believe it was around 10.30am by the time we got out of bed and begun to get ready.

Once everyone was up and ready we were heading back to the San Antonio military base where we had gone a few days prior as Ratt seen some nice handbags she wanted to check out again. The military base provided tax free and discount shopping to members or past members of the US Military. The store sells everything from toiletries to clothes, jewellery, designer handbags, watches, make up and even electronics. On arrival at base Ratt and I were hungry as always so we decided to get some subway (god I miss half healthy food). After our brunch we walked around and Ratt and Stocks bought a few things. From here we went to check out a cosmetic store Ratt was keen to see called Ulta, she added some more stuff to her collection as expected. We quickly checked out Dick’s sporting goods for some World Cup shirts then headed home.

We got back home around 2.30-3pm, Ratt and I were both hungry again so she finished off the last of tinned peaches and I ate a big bowl of cereal while watching the new Riddick movie. Of course it wasn’t long before Ratt and I fell asleep and woke up hours later, maybe around 5.30pm for me and 6.30pm for Ratt. While I waited for Ratt to wake up I continued watching TV. Once everyone was up we agreed to try Yard House dinner so off as went.

On arrival at Yard House it appeared a little more fancy then previous places we had been but I don’t think it was really. I was just decorated nicely. We decided to order buffalo wings for a starter (probably the only food I will miss from the states). Us girls ordered some cocktails, the girls got martinis that they didn’t really like but I got some kind of pineapple and strawberry fruity one which was yummy. Finally making my decision on what I wanted we ordered; I got the turkey pot pie which I knew would be huge after watching the chick at the next table order it. Ratt got her usual steak and mash, stocks got her usual sandwich of some kind and Matt got some kind of schnitzel looking thing (but not a schnitzel because this is America lol). I quite enjoyed my pie. After dinner we got sucked into dessert by the waitress bringing over the menu, I got the creme brûlée as usual lol, Ratt got a chocolate cake like thing and stocks got apple cobbler. Dinner was reasonably priced considering I got an entree, cocktail, huge ass pie and dessert for around $40. Home time nice and full.

At home we had a fair bit of packing to do.. Ok so Ratt had a fair bit to do. I jumped in the shower while stocks and Ratt sorted out her things. After my shower we finished off Ratts things, jammed in what was left of my things and it was time to pull out the scales. We used both my luggage scales and stocks floor scales and all three bags were overweight.. Fantastic. We mixed and matched until we had all three bags just a little over but had our carry ons exploding and very much overweight. We think that’ll be okay.. Lol more like we hope.

Ahh finally relax time, we turned on the tv since we were in no hurry to go to sleep with all the flights we have tomorrow. First movie; Identity Thief, I quite enjoy this movie, Stocks and I watched while Ratt showered. Matt came down to say goodbye since he’d be at work when we leave tomorrow, it was very nice meeting him.. Top bloke as Paul would say lol! After that movie finished Big Daddy was on with Adam Sandler, best movie so I was stoked. Half way through Ratt fell asleep but Stocks and I soldiered on and finished it. It was around 3.30am now so we thought time for bed, got to fly out tomorrow.

Night, weather xx











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