Day 47 – Seaworld San Antonio

Today we were on our way to Seaworld! We woke up pretty early as we wanted to head to ihop to try out their pancakes.

Weather ordered a massive berry pancake stack, stocks had the cinnamon toast and I had their cheese omelette with a side of pancakes. The pancakes were alright, not amazing but they curbed the starving sensation that I had in my stomach. Feeling satisfied and pretty fat, we left ihop and headed to Seaworld. I hadn’t been to Seaworld since I was approximately 8 years old so I was keen to see what this Seaworld had compared to Queenslands.

The drive over was quite short but finding a park took a while, and as soon as we stepped outside of the nice, cool, air conditioned car I stepped out to my melting death. It was soooo unbelievably hot here that it was ridicoulous. I felt like a marshmallow that was dropped onto the side of the road. Melty, sticky and gross and we hadn’t even walked in yet. I already knew today would be workout but I didn’t realise how much so 😱

So we paid for our tickets and decided that we would watch a few of the shows they had on. We headed over to see pets ahoy, which ended up being one of the coolest and cutest shows I’ve ever seen! The pets within the show were adopted from pet shelters in San Antonio. The trainers at Seaworld had trained them to perform the coolest skits, there were dogs, parrots, cats, doves, a rat (not me.. An actual one hahaha), a skunk, two piggies and some other birds. I wish I could upload a video for you all to see as you would have been amazed at what these animals are capable of. One minute the pig was running around, next minute the cats were running up the side of a house and then birds flew out of nowhere and a skunk appeared and all these animals came our of nowhere and just trust me it was cool and that was a really long sentence and ahhhh it was just cool.

Next we went and watched azul, a show with beluga whales, dolphins and amazing stunts with acrobatic performers. After that we walked around, explored some gift shops and then headed over to the seals. It was feeding time so the seals were all out and about, active and vocal. Weather and stocks bought a small tray of fishies and dropped some fish down to feed the seals. Weather kept laughing her ass off as one of the seals sounded like screaming man…. And it did, no joke!

After that we looked at the otters, sea lions and various other sea creatures (as weather likes to refer to them as). By now more than half the day had passed and we headed over to aquatica – the Seaworld water park. We headed to the lazy river which was soooooo slow and pretty damn cold. It was nice but the one we went to in the Bahamas was waaaay better. Ah well, this one did the trick and cooled us down.

Next up was a tube slide which we waited in line for about 20mins. The slide we all went on was quite dark and it freaked me out not knowing when the dips and turns were going to happen. I screamed most of the way down and it was embarrassing for me as little kids went on and were fine the whole way through BAHAHAHAHAHA.

We then decided to go back up and other two times to ride the body slides which were just as fun for both me and weather as they were kind of slow. Whereas stocks on the other hand experienced quite the opposite and went down both slides super fast!

After our aquatic adventure we heads back to Seaworld to grab some last minute gifts before heading to the shamu stadium I watch the last whale show of the night. It was pretty amazing to see how these trainers were able to teach the whales to do all these amazing tricks. Everyone sitting within the first 10ish rows get soaked from the whales splashing water at them. It was really just amazing to see!

We soon left the park and headed to chik fil a for takeaway dinner. We picked up our meals and headed home to pig out like little piggies 🐷🐽

That was pretty much our day summed up. Now for some interesting facts

US denominations that we have come across come in:
– 1cent (a penny)
– 5 cent
– 10 cent (a dime)
– 25 cent ( a quarter)
Apparently there is also a ‘half dollar’ = 50cent and the $1’s are notes, not coins. What’s weird here is that nothing here is rounded up. So if your total is $17.32 then you need to pull out the 2c or you get 8c in return if you give them $17.40. Also, tax isn’t included in the total so prices are more then listed not to mention, that we need to convert our money which means that we pay even more. We also need to tip on top of that (mainly food places) so in the end out bill is much higher than anticipated.

Bathrooms and Toilets. Weird topic but someone has to explain it. Pretty me every bathroom here is automatic. From the toilets to the soap dispenser to the paper towels. Toilets here are weird. Each toilet has this weird gap middle seat gap thing going on. Not only is this weirdly uncomfortable but it’s quite odd and serves no purpose. Anyway, pretty much all toilets here have disposable toilet seat covers, which have served to be more hygienic then the loos back home. For some reason as well, the toilet cubicles have this massive gap where you can see who’s standing outside waiting to use the loo after you. This made me rather conscious of people standing there possibly seeing me do my thang AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but in all seriousness the cubicle door gap is quite wide and the locks are weird and in the end bathrooms here are weird. Oh and when you flush the toilet, the thing either flushes so damn hard that you feel like your business is being super sucked into space or it flashes automatically – even if your still doing your business. Imagine it. You would be displeased too. LOL. Also weather mentioned that she clogged the loo a few times as well…. Just kidding or am I really?! Dun dun dun

Anyway I’m gonna end this rant and say adios. Weather and I have been sitting in LAX for 2 hours now and we a have another 5 to go before our flight.





















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