Day 46 – Recovering and discovering Bass Pro

Everyone was definitely in need of recovering after last night so there were no alarms and no real plans for today except that I wanted to go check out the markets downtown. Ratt and I woke up at around 10.30 but stocks appeared to be still sleeping (she says she wasn’t) so we decided to head downstairs for some breakfast. I pulled out last nights Chinese leftovers; yummy!!! Ratt had cereal I think? After breakfast I decided to pack away the washing we done the day before and then continue blogging but realized Ratt had gone back to sleep and decided what better time to also catch up on some sleep. We ended up sleeping until 2.30pm which was a nice catch up but ruined our plans a little.

We all got up and got ready because we decided to go check out Bass Pro instead of the markets because it was already too late. For those who don’t know Bass Pro is like a giant BCF but sells boats, hunting stuff, home decor and has a restaurant, arcade shooting range and archery range. It pretty much sells or has anything and everything to do with fishing, camping and hunting; every mans heaven on earth. I quite enjoyed this store, it had a tropical aquarium, fresh water aquarium, rock climbing wall, waterfall and all kinds of animal displays all around the store.

We spent a good couple hours here before checking out Best Buys, Charming Charlie and Target. Target in America sells medication, has a pharmacy and sells food but also has all it’s usual items, super weird right!?

Anyway by now it was 7.30ish so we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Ratt and stocks got crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms for starters (in USA an entree is your main meal and an AUS entree is called a starter or appetizer, weird and confusing as!). For entrees (mains) Ratt and I got steaks which were yummy, stocks got a sandwich and Matt got fried catfish, all the food was very yummy.

Off we go back home to sleep. Night night, weather xx



















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