Day 45 – Back in San Antonio

2nd August 2014;

As usual my alarm went off at 9.00am but I turned it off and woke up around 9.45am. We weren’t in a hurry and stocks had got up and taken Matt to work so we can have the car for the day at like 7am so she was tired. We decided to get up and started planning what we wanted to do today, of course shopping but we couldn’t really buy much more without first buying another suitcase, filling it and weighing it. It was decided it was probably smarter to just go to Kohl’s first to grab a suitcase, fill it up and see whether or not buying anymore items was possible. So off we go in our pjs, Kohl’s is kind of like Target in Australia so while getting a suitcase we also took a look around. We decided on one of those hard case suitcases with four wheels so that hopefully it won’t be so hard to push between the two of us. Time to go home and fill this baby up. The suitcase opened in the middle so Ratt and I each got a side to fill. I went first while Ratt showered, I put in all the bags I had sitting around my suitcase that were either previously in my suitcase which is now over weight or stuff that we sent to Stocks house by mail from Orlando. My side was pretty much full so it was Ratts turn and that didn’t take long before she had filled up her side too. We were a little worried so we zipped it up and pulled out the luggage scales, please don’t be overweight!! 16kgs… Yipee! We still have weight available but space is another question lol, don’t worry we’ll jam it in. Now that we have that sorted it was off to continue our day. Unfortunately I had plans to buy some cute gifts from The Disney Store but that went down the drain when we realized the new suitcase is already full, lame. We stopped off at Chili’s for breakfast which had quite a good variety of food, I was excited to eat something healthy for once! I ordered the grilled chicken salad which was yummy, Ratt got the Rib Eye steak which looked good and Stocks got Chicken Tacos. Oh and of course we tried their buffalo wings for a starter, yummy. The meal was quite cheap but good so I was happy, gotta watch that money a little closer these days. Ok finally time to go to the mall, its already 3.30pm but good thing the shops here open late. We arrive at Ingram Park Mall for a bit of retail therapy and to kill some time before we pick Matt up from work. Around 6pm we head over to pick Matt up from work before heading home. At home we started getting ready for the night ahead but stopped half way to go pick up our Chinese food which was quite yummy! We continued getting ready but by now it was 11pm and we hadn’t even started our drinks yet so we got ready as quickly as we could. Finally ready to drink the raspberry vodka and coke we bought so let the games begin. We set up the rules and cards and decided to play kings, Matt played too but he only drank coke by itself since he was driving. By the end of the game it was around 12-12.30am which was a little late since clubs here close at 3am so we quickly headed off. On arrival entry was free for girls which was good but the club was pretty quiet for a Saturday night. The music was alright and the club was quite big and could potentially be a great club with more people and a guest DJ. The bar closed at 2am so we decided to head off home. At home Ratt was determined to play kings but everyone ended up falling asleep and around 4am it was sleep time.

Night, weather xxx









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