Day 44 – Garden District and back home to San Antonio

Today we have a special guest blogger writing this post: Me (stocks). The day started actually right on time because we were extremely desperate to see this place known as the garden district. The district is known for its unique boutiques and stores along with the biggest houses in all of New Orleans. We grabbed out luggage which was much heavier than when we arrived and went to check out. We left our stuff there and off we went. We ate breakfast at this jazz cafe that was close to our hotel and it was pretty disappointing. I got a plain cheese omelet and it came with some very questionable bread and grits. Weather got jambalaya again but said it wasn’t as good at this place. Finally, Ratt got a mushroom and cheese omelet which she says she enjoyed but also was freaked out with the grits.

Next we waited for what seemed like hours for the tram/street car and paid three bucks each for a day pass. There is a ton of construction going on in NO right now so the tram will only take you so far before dropping you off and a bus picking you straight up to continue on to your destination. Finally arriving to the garden district we stepped out of the bus and was truly amazed by all the ginormous houses around us. It was truly a beautiful place. We all took many pictures and started walking down some random streets. We stopped at this little dessert shop called sucre. Weather got six macaroons which she ate all on her own except for the half of one I was lucky to get. Hehe, I must have been lucky that day. Ratt got a chocolate shake which looked good but none of us could share with Ratt this trip because she was sick. She said it was too rich and was giving her a headache. I got a confetti cupcake milkshake which was omg fantastic; but I do have to agree with Ratt that it was just too sweet.

While me and weather were on our ghost tour, the lady had informed is that John Goodman lived in the garden district full time and Sandra Bullock also lived there but not on a regular basis. So at this dessert shop we started researching their addresses because we thought it would just be amazing to see their houses. Thanks to google we got their house numbers and off we went hoping to see one of them outside their houses, maybe mowing their grass. Lol hey you never know! They are people just like us, right?!? Yeah I don’t believe that either. We came across John Goodman’s house first and I just love him from the TV show Roseanne and for his voice as Sully on Monster’s inc. Sandra Bullocks house was next, and she must be an extremely private person because her house is barely visible through all the shrubs. She literally has a wall of shrubs that hides her house.

We continued walking and by this time we all were sweating our asses off and needed to cool down. We stopped at this little gift shop and just sat around for a few minutes talking about some really random things lol. We decided it was time to head back to the hotel so that we could grab our stuff and make our flight on time. We waited for the bus again to take us to the tram. Once we arrived back on Bourbon St we decided that we should eat before our flight. We ate at this random hotel restaurant where outside was this man stumbling over in true New Orleans fashion. Their were firefighters around him making sure he didn’t disturb others but me and Ratt tried out hardest not to just burst out laughing right then and there. At the restaurant the service was horrible. The food was not much better. Weather got fresh oysters. And when I say fresh I mean freakin FRESH. It was as if they had just got the oysters from the river five minutes ago cause they still had dirt on them. Weather was questioning if she should eat them because getting food poisoning on a plane is the worse possible scenario and she was a little weary of how huge they were. They looked like oysters on steroids. She decided to eat all but one and even made me try a bit of one which was horrible. Yuck. Never again. Then we ordered our entrees and me and weather decided to share catfish and fries but there was way too much breading on the catfish. Ratt got crawfish creole pasta which I wish I would have gotten because I think I ate more of it than she did lol. We looked at the time and realized we were running extremely late for our flight so we got our check and pretty much ran to our hotel to collect our bags.

The bell boy at the hotel made weather mad because he asked where our parents were because we looked too young to be on our own. Um okay dude. Anyways we waited for our taxi and when it pulled up this 400 pound (sorry don’t know kilos) man got out and we all three just looked at each other like okay great. The guy started talking about how gorgeous we were because we were from Australia (I just went along with it because it’s too complicated to explain how we know each other and stuff). The man started telling us random stories about how he almost fell asleep at the wheel one day and it’s like wow thanks for that story dude, we totally trust you now. It was obvious he took the long way to the airport and we were getting nervous that we would miss our flight. The man’s phone rang and he answered it and started talking about how he had three beautiful young girls in his van and me and weather looked at each other like uhhhhh so weather looked up the directions to the airport to make sure he was going the right way cause you never know nowadays. Next me and weather started coming up with ideas of how we could possibly get away from this driver if need be. Lol dramatic we know. The driver was driving extremely slow and we were all getting annoyed and more worried that we would miss out flight. Weather told the man that we were in a hurry and all of a sudden this guy kicked in to high gear and started going 90 miles an hour on a highway with a 50 mile speed limit. He started swerving in and out of lanes between cars and we were all sure that we were going to die this way. We made it to the airport in one piece, thankfully, and the guy turned to weather and said “is that fast enough for you?”
We checked in and got to our flight on time and even a little early so we each had time to change into our comfortable clothes. Luckily we got to sit with each other this flight and had to connect to another flight in Dallas where we also got to sit with each other again. Yay! Love when it works out like that.

Finally back home, my dog Reggie was so happy to see his mama. He was crying and barking and just full of happiness. Lol I love my doggie. Matt arrived home an hour later and I showed him the many things I got including the gift for him. We were all hungry so decided it was food time. Whataburger is huge in SA and is known only in the southern states. I wanted Ratt and weather to try it so we decided to get it. Whataburger is a fast food restaurant and I was worried it was going too be too greasy and disgusting for weather but surprisingly they both enjoyed it so much that they ate everything. Now it was time for bed. Ah sweet sweet night time in my own bed.

Well thanks for reading my version on the day. Hope you enjoyed it!! BTW I am never letting these two leave. Hehe sorry Paul!!

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