Day 43 – Food, Shops & Ghosts in New Orleans

31st July 2014;

Today we had no alarm set, we were in no hurry and hoping for a sleep in (shhh don’t tell the others but I didn’t set an alarm because I already knew my pill alarm would go off at 9am hehe so evil). After stuffing around getting ready for a while, you know how girls are (every girl but me just so we are clear on that) it was almost 11am and we had plans to try the famous Cafe Du Monde’s Beignets for breakfast.

So off we went, along the way we stopped by a store we seen yesterday with some nice stuff in it to buy some souvenirs and Stocks and I bought our ghost tour for tonight at 8.15pm. Anyway on arrival at Cafe Du Monde it was packed as expected but we got a table pretty quick and service was really fast. It came to $10 for 6 Beignets and a frozen coffee drink which is awesome. For those who don’t know a Beignet is a little pastry puff this smothered in icing sugar and they are delicious!! Yummmmy.

After breakfast we had plenty of time to explore and wanted to eventually end up at the outlet so we took a few photos of tug boats on the Mississippi River then looked at the shops along the river until we came across Harrah’s Casino. Wow how much did I miss Las Vegas in this moment, the pokies, carpet, themed ceiling, it was beautiful. We crossed the road towards the outlet but came across a seafood place called Poppy’s Crazy Lobster. We thought it was around lunch time (since breakfast was at midday) so we decided to take a look at a menu. Fresh seafood looked too good to pass up plus the reviews were good so in we went. We were all a little shocked to hear the waitress say the seafood basket was $80 but we thought ah well why not. Of course we got an alcoholic beverage each again and ordered the seafood basket. The drinks came out huge and we all giggled knowing we would probably be leaving this place stumbling. The waitress gave us a rubbish bowl and a lobster bib each which I have always wanted! Finally out came the basket and we were stoked, a big lobster, crab legs, clams, prawns, mussels, spicy sausage and potato all steamed in Cajun style spices; yum!! We dug in and polished it off while making quite the mess. At the end almost an hour and a half later we were very happy with our decision to get the basket and ended up with a $50 each bill for lunch which we though wasn’t too bad.

A little drunk we continued on with our day, off to the outlet it wasn’t long before I found another beignet shop so I decided to grab another lot to share with Ratt but ended up eating them all to myself since she got a cookie and I wanted them all lol. I grabbed a few last minute promised gifts and we decided we’d had enough for today and to head back to the French Quarter for dinner. We walked a good distance before reaching our hotel and realizing we weren’t that hungry so we decided to go down and chill by the pool since by this time it was around 6.00pm. We must have been at the pool for a while because before we knew it it was after 7 and we needed to get changed and head to our tour. Stocks and I changed into shorts and walk around the corner to meet our tour guide while Ratt stayed at the hotel and watched TV.

The tour guide was a very loud woman of colour as they call them here who spoke very fast. The tour had around 15 people from various parts of the USA but was mainly girls. We started off at the gift shop and walked around the French Quarter, the guide told is a basic summary of the Quarters history before we got to our first haunted location. At each location the tour guide told us a little more history to help with the understanding of the story. Each story was different and usually consisted of a person somehow dying so their spirit or ghost would remain in the house/building and be seen by people from time to time. Obviously if you’ve ever met me you would know I do not believe in any of this supernatural stuff so of course I was not scared the slightest but I was still interested in the stories and the history. We also got to hear of vampire stories and on the random side, we got to see where Brad Pitt and Matthew Mcconaughey both live and have apparently been seen throwing beers to one another from their balconies. For Stocks the best part of the tour was seeing the house and hearing the story of Madame Laveau which she had been hoping to learn more about. Just a quick fun fact; Madame Laveau was a wealthy woman back in the day that used to murder and torture her black slaves. The tour ended in Jackson Square then Stocks and I walked back to our hotel to meet Ratt so we could go grab some dinner.

We found Ratt where we left her, in bed watching tv. We watched tv with her for a while getting side tracked before realizing it was 10.30pm and we still hadn’t had dinner. A quick change of clothes and off we go again. We walk past a place called The Seafood Market that we’ve seen a couple times so we decide why not. I got a shrimp Po-Boy which is a long bread roll with deep fried prawns and salad on it, it was quite nice but after a while the fried factor is a bit much. Stocks got a burger and Ratt got her usual pasta, meal wasn’t too bad and waitress was nice so not a bad place overall.

Finally back to our hotel for bed, we were planning on going out tonight but we were all so tired after our huge walk today that we thought stuff it.

Night night, Weather xx




















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