Day 42 – New Orleans

30th July 2014;

This morning was definitely hard to get up, but we made it happen since we had a 6.50am flight out of San Antonio airport. We got up and ready as quick as possible so we could leave home at 5.30am, Matt drove and traffic was easy so we arrived to the airport on time.

We arrived and went through security. After security we realized that seating on the plane was not designated and worked on a first come first serve basis based on your time of check in… Damn, we checked in late. We attempted to have breakfast and I got a egg and bacon muffin which was disgusting, the muffin was literally made the same as a scone; sweet and crumbly! After throwing away my yukky breakfast we went to the gate and boarded our plane. Unfortunately we were one of the last to board the plane because of our late check in so there were only a few seats available all seated between two men. We had no choice and they were waiting for us to be seated so we took one each. I sat between two geeks on their laptops approx in their thirties so that wasn’t too bad, besides it was only an hour anyway. The next leg of the flight we got to sit together as we got to stay on the same plane and continue on to New Orleans.

On arrival in New Orleans we were too exhausted to bother working the bus system so we decided to just grab a taxi which is $14 per person flat rate to the French Quarter.. Not too bad. We arrived at our hotel around half an hour later called Four Points by Sheraton. It was a nice place, right in the middle of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, with a pool, bar, restaurant, gym and quite upscale. We checked it, by now it was only around 10am and we were lucky that our room was already ready, 5th floor no balcony though but still – yipee! Room was quite nice, had a small view of the pool, two double beds, usual shower bath set up and a lot of mirrors.. It’ll do just fine.

After a quick rest it was time to explore, we started by walking Bourbon Street taking photos and looking at souvenir stores until we reached Canal Street – the widest street in USA and home to New Orleans cable cars. We walked down Canal then ducked back into the French Quarter along Royal street which was beautiful and full if boutique shopping and art galleries. We had been strolling around for a while so by now it was around midday and everyone was hungry. I ended up researching where the biggest selections of food were nearby so we headed that way in search like the animals we are. Finally we found a pretty cheap place full of people (always a good indicator when in a foreign place) and with lots of New Orleans traditional food available. We decided to sit and of course jumped right on the frozen alcohol train they seem to be obsessed with here.. Literally every single food or drink place sells alcoholic slushies here, they even have stores dedicated to them. Anyway back to ordering.. So we (Stocks and Weather) ordered a drink each and for lunch I got the Jambalaya and the other girls got Gumbo. The drinks came out and of course they were big and strong just the way they should be lol (haha that did not sound like the way you describe a drink) followed by the food which Stocks and I thought was quite good but Ratt not so much. After lunch, feeling full and a little drunk, we giggled our way down the road to the market, Ratt didn’t look impressed with us lol but we were certainly impressed with ourselves. There wasn’t much at the market, nothing any different to the souvenir stores so we decided to adventure along taking photos until we reached our hotel again.

Pool time! In New Orleans it’s hot! So we quickly got in our swimmers and went down to grab a few pool chairs. The water was beautiful so I was straight in, we had the pool to ourself for most the time so that’s always a bonus. Not sure how long we were there for but we decided to throw in some tanning and photo time too before heading back up to the room to get changed for dinner. Ratt and I feel asleep and woke up an hour later, oops! By now it was around 6.30pm so we got dressed and went in search of a place for dinner.

The streets and vibe of the French Quarter are like nothing I have ever seen before. During the day it’s pretty casual and quiet, mostly tourists shopping, eating and taking photos or people preparing their bars for the night. Some streets are so quiet that you would swear we missed some kind of evacuation warning because it’s like a ghost town.. But at night. Things are soooo different. The police come in on foot and on horses, they block off Bourbon Street and any other popular areas and the place explodes. Pretty much every place turns into a bar or club or strip club. The streets (mainly Bourbon) fill from wall to wall with people, the drinks flow, the music is pumping and the crazies do crazy stuff. It’s amazing and I couldn’t imagine what a Saturday night is like, unfortunately we won’t get to. This madness goes all night and in the morning the bar owners hose down their bars and streets ready to do it all again. Sorry for the spoiler (I know I’m talking about the future but sorry I’m writing this in the future lol) but this madness starts at midday on a Friday, the music pumps, the drinks flow and this happens 7 nights a week every week.

So back to searching for food, we ended up finding a place we had seen earlier in a magazine so we thought why not. People outside were bragging about how good it was so fingers crossed. Again we ordered around of drinks, it’s New Orleans you have to. The girls ordered pasta and I ordered duck but once the food came out I should have ordered pasta (damn you lactose intolerance!!). Stocks had the most amazing pasta with crab cake on top yuuuum! So dinner ended up costing me around $45 and the girls around $35 each, oops.. But it was nice. We decided time for bed after the flight and the pool we were just exhausted. We headed through the madness back to our hotel, showered and went to bed.

I would say goodnight but it’s actually a few days later and I’m on a plane so, catch ya.. Weather xx
























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