Day 41 – Girls day at the mall

29th July 2014,

Ah mornings….how I love them. I especially love the tingling sensation I get in my heart when I have to leave my nice, warm, loving, comfy bed. The “oh yippee, it’s a brand new day, time to get up” feeling. Oh the joy, the happiness, the excitement that comes with it ……. Hell no I’m just joking. Bloody mornings, bloody hell, bloody struggle.

Last night was a bit scary. I hadn’t fallen asleep just yet as I was blogging (cause we were behind and weather keeps pestering me to finish it and she’s kind of scary and don’t tell her I told you that 😉) and weather had already passed out. All of a sudden I hear a slight scratching at the door and then slowly it gets louder and louder and then the scratching moves from the door to the carpet and just as I’m about to shit my pants, I realise that it was Moochi……the cat 😸 She was scratching at the carpet trying to unsuccessfully dig her way into our room. It was getting creepy though as she was meowing, scratching and meowing really loudly!

Fast forward to the morning and we decide to get some shopping out of the way. We headed to the mall and pretty much walked around the rest of the day. The mall was an outside mall and it was designed and decorated really nicely.

After shopping we headed to dinner and from there we headed home!

Not too much of a big day but here are some general observations:

1. San Antonio is freaking hot! I don’t know how people can survive in this heat because I feel like I’m melting every 2 seconds. It’s a beautiful place but boy oh boy is it hot!

2. I have more points but I forgot… Will update this section once I remember..For now, goodnight!
Ratt xx











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