Day 40 – Downtown San Antonio Texas

After our 4.30am bedtime last night and spending the entire day yesterday on and off transport to reach San Antonio I was not happy to hear my 9am alarm this morning. To be honest I turned it off, not snooze, just off with no real care whether I woke up hours later or not. Stocks came in all showered and excited to check we were up but wasn’t too happy to find Ratt and I still passed out at like 9.20am. Finally we pulled ourselves out of bed and we each jumped in the shower since we didn’t get time last night. By the time we all got ready it was around 11am and Stocks was keen to check out a place called Magnolia for breakfast, of course I got pancakes with fruit and syrup… Yum!

From here we were off to see Downtown San Antonio with Stock’s Boyfriend Matt as our driver. On arrival downtown we decided the Riverwalk should be our first place of business so we walked along the waters edge looking at shops, restaurants, bars and the beautiful scenery. They even run tours up and down the river on boats and Stocks says the decorate the area at Christmas with lots of lights which would look awesome.

We walked for a bit and ended up in the River Centre Mall where we all found some items to buy in the Disney Store and strolled around. With some shopping complete we of course had to go and check out San Antonio’s famous Alamo which is a beautiful little building with cute gardens around it now (was nothing like that back in the days that made it famous).

Across the road from the Alamo is basically tourists road which is a street full of attractions one beside the other, Ripleys believe it or not, Haunted Mansion, Tomb Raider, Wax Museum, Guinness Museum etc etc.. In the end we decided to jump on the tourist train and visit Ripleys believe it or not museum, I have been before with Stocks in Queensland but that was a while ago so we thought maybe this one was bigger or different. It was still interesting and fun but it was pretty much exactly the same as the one I had been to in Oz at 17, Ratt never been though so at least she would have got to see something new.

By now it was 6.30pm and everyone was sick of walking but surprisingly not hungry – I think that’s because we all had snow cones not long ago and breakfast after midday. We made the decision to go find somewhere to eat anyway since by the time we found a place and food came out surely we would be hungry. We walked up and down both sides of the Riverwalk looking at all the menus, we were sort of on a mission to find a good steak place but it seemed harder then expected. Finally we came across a place that appeared to do good steak so we jumped right on it. As usual the menu stated that all their steaks were covered in garlic butter.. Fantastic… This is going to be a fun experience. I ended up ordering a Rib Eye with vegetables and sweet potato fries telling the waitress that I was allergic to dairy. Thought I’d give that one a try. My food comes out and my concern is less of the dairy and more of the cooked factor of my steak (take a look at the picture!) To my surprise it was not that gooey texture that raw steak usually is, it was more of a medium rare texture just without the seared top and bottom, kind of weird and most people would have freaked but it was nicely seasoned without dairy so I wasn’t really bothered. The sweet potato fries had honey on them which again was a nice surprise compared to butter but those veggies… Hmm.. The manager came out with my meal to ensure they took good care with my allergy but on my plate if veggies was a big blob of butter, almost right. The waitress was quick to apologies and replace it with fresh ones though so that’s okay.

After dinner we headed home where I grabbed another shower so I could get back in my usual nightly shower routine then decide I wasn’t mucking around it was definitely bed time. By now it is after midnight and after the last couple of days sleep is definitely a requirement so goodnight!

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