Day 39 – Goodbye Comic Con…. Hello Stocks!

27th July 2014;

Early morning this morning, we had to be up ready and on the bus by 8.30am to make it to comic con on opening time as well as have most our stuff sorted as we were leaving San Diego today. We managed to actually make the bus we needed, being a Sunday if we missed it I believe it was 30 minutes to one hour before the next one which pretty made the journey not even worth it.
Arrival on Broadway Street we made our way down Fifth Ave in search of food and to close the gap between us and comic con. We found a little place and grabbed a quick dine in breakfast, I got mixed berry crepes and Ratt got mushroom and cheese bruschetta which she didn’t like, my crepes were nice though. From here we walked a few more blocks to Comic Con which was already looking packed and by this time it was 10am. We started at the other end of the exhibit hall that we didn’t complete on Thursday and worked our way back to the middle, along the way we took photos of people in awesome costumes. I grabbed a last minute item (won’t say what because it’s a gift, hehe) then all of a sudden it was 11am and we have to go. I receive a message from our host Tori saying that she has new people checking in today and our stuff needed to be out soon so we rush home as quick as we can, no time for lunch.
At home we quickly get changed as to get out of Tori’s way so she can prep the cottage for her next guests and call a cab since by this time it’s after midday and we need to catch a train at 1.40pm. We say our goodbyes to Tori and her family, they were lovely people and there cute dog Willa was my pet for a couple of days (missing my Teagz!!).
Cabz are here! (jersey shore joke for anyone who watches) so we get in our cab and head to the train station. At the train station we encounter more luggage problems, the maximum weight is 23kg but mine is 26kg and Ratt was 24kg so the check in lady made us take out all the excess weight and put it in another bag, such a bloody pain. Finally that’s sorted but now we got another carry on to carry which weighs a tonne on top of the tonne we already have each, damn it. Anyway so we are both starving and it’s only like 12.45pm so we have an hour until our train leaves so we both though lunch sounded like a good plan but the check in lady informs us our train already has a line. We go out to check the line and realize it’s already a mile long, can’t risk getting crappy seats next to randoms so we decided to join the line. While we wait Ratt goes across the to the 7 eleven and grabs some chips to munch on, I’m not that hungry so I’ll just wait. We board the train and it’s straight to sleep for me, I’m super tired.. 2.5hrs later we arrive at Union Station in LA and the fun begins again. We head towards baggage claim to collect our luggage but our carry on is plenty, we are sweating and have to keep swapping arms and stopping and resting.. So ridiculous. We collect our luggage and I pile all the things I’m carrying on top of my suitcase except my backpack and start wheeling it along. I only have two wheels so I’m pulling along 30kgs plus which means more sweating, stopping, swapping all the way to the taxi rank. Finally we grab a cab to LAX.
At LAX the luggage dramas continue, we put all the stuff we previously took out back in knowing that non of those items would get on a plane as carry on and in the hope they’ll let us be a little overweight. We get to check in and it’s self serve, one of the staff members tells us it will be an extra $100 each for the excess weight so again we got to pull everything out. I pull out two of my packing cubes full of clothes, they have definitely come in handy this trip. Weights all good now we check our bags and head towards customs but are stopped again for having too many carry ons, geez you just can’t bloody win! Anyway some nice lady let us through so off we went to the food court where we got custom burgers for dinner, mine was pretty good! Finally time to board a plane at 7.10pm to San Antonio, it was quite a small plane and about a 3 hour flight. It ended up being one of the worse flights I have ever been on, seats were uncomfortable, even the window seat wasn’t great and it was freezing, more so than usual it seemed.
We landed in San Antonio, collected our luggage and next thing we see Stocks, for the first time in almost 4 years!! But things are exactly the same as they always were, no awkward silences nothing.
We arrive at stocks house, by now it’s after 1am. Her house is two levels with beautiful slate kitchen and living areas downstairs and carpeted large bedrooms upstairs. Stocks’s room is bigger then your average lounge room and her ensuite bathroom the size of master bedroom, she’s quite the lucky duck 😛
Anyway we caught up and talked about activities for the next day and before we knew it, it was 4.30am and we were all tired and ready for bed.

Goodnight boys and girls xx
Peace out – Weather!












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