Day 38 – San Diego Adventurers

Today I felt like Dora the Explorer minus the part where she is a cartoon, Spanish and is approximately 5 years old… nonetheless I was Dora and Weather was Diego, the smart one with a compass + map (aka IPhone) and general sense of direction.

So Diego and I started our day at the mall, where we were on a mission to find a certain tee…sadly we had to abort the mission as we could not find the size we were looking for. What a fail..but it gave us more time for the next part of today’s adventure.

Our next plan was to head to Old Town, so we exited the mall and headed to find the town trolleys… Yes, trolley as in shopping trolley….. Not really but as Entertaining as that would’ve been I’m sure that it’s illegal and also quite hazardous 😯 A trolley is exactly like a train but I cannot confirm nor explain what the difference is.

On our journey to the trolleys, I was casually enjoying our beautiful stroll across the streets of San Diego when all of a sudden in the middle of crossing a street, one of my havi’s snapped! There I was standing in the middle of the street with one thong….Kind of awkward and a tad annoying as the shops were kind of far behind us and in the area we were in, there didn’t seem to be any stores that sold thongs.
As I hopped off the road, Weather came up with a genius plan! She grabbed one of my safety pins in my bag (for some reason I was carrying around a small bag of safety pins) and used it to temporarily pin it back in place. It was as good as new and we were set to go!

We caught the trolley and made our way out to old town. The place was pretty cool, full of old Mexican traditions, dancing, music, food and other bits and bobs. Weather loved the place and we ended up spending quite some time exploring and eating. We ended up getting tacos for lunch which tasted alright to me but amazing to weather.

After our visit to old town we headed back into town on a mission to find me a new pair of thongs. Unfortunately, we had to abort the mission as it was starting to get late and we still needed to head to balboa park. The name reminds me of Pokemon for some reason so i was keen to check it out.
We caught a cab and soon we had arrived. We only got to see a portion of the park as most of the shops there were closed but we did get to see a beautiful open seat auditorium looking place as well as this famous building that weather had been on a mission to see. Finally a successful mission! Hooray!

It started getting late so we left the park and decided get a massage before dinner. Weather had been going on and on for weeks about needing one and finally we were going to get one. I was kind of scared because I’ve never had a massage before and as soon as the massage started I realised that I had every right to be scared. First of all the Asian lady kept calling me hunny… A pet name that I absolutely dislike. Then she’d be like oh hunny I can feel your sickness or would you like it medium or hard and even though I said medium I swear she was literally doing Kung fu on my back.
I’ve heard that some people pass out when they get a massage but I was 1000% awake the whole time. How can one sleep when ones back feels like it’s being tortured? Just when I thought it was finally over, she put a hot towel on my back and BANG BANG BANG…paaaaaain. She either elbowed me or punched me in the back a few times. That’s something I’ll never know…. That was it we were done! I’ve now learnt a valuable life lesson and never ever shall I get a massage… Ever. Weather enjoyed hers though…..lucky!

After my experience in the torture chamber (not really chamber, just a massage room) we decided to have dinner at a beautiful little restaurant a few blocks from our house. The entree we had was amazing! I think stuffed cheese mushrooms are now my favourite dish! Weather had the chicken florentine which was packed with butter and cream so she took her tablets and she was alright. I had spaghetti and meatballs which was yet again… Not that great, it was kind of watery and not really flavoursome which was extremely sad😦😞

Then after our long ass day we walked home and went to bed.

Adios amigos,
Ratt xx

















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