Day 37 – Exploring San Diego

25th July 2014;

Today was our chilled day after yesterday’s complete madness at comic con. We woke up around 9.00am to find the other girls (Jean and Em) still sleeping so they must have came in late last night after we went to bed. We had a bit of a catch up since we’d split up yesterday to do our own things and the girls were due to fly home tonight from LA. We got ready, said our goodbyes and left the girls to make their things and head back to LA. Ratt and I walked around the corner to the bus stop and caught the bus Downtown. On arrival downtown our first stop was T-Mobile so Ratt could add another month to get phone plan. While in the phone store we noticed heaps of black Escalades pull up outside the hotel across the road, the T Mobile guy informs us that in previous years that was the home to HBO stars like the Game of Thrones cast. Ratt and I decided to go have a bit of a look at who we might be able to see. Pretty sure Game of Thrones cast had just left because there were a few guys there with signed posters.. Super depressed! What I would give to get anything from or with Khaleesi! Feeling disappointed we wondered along to the Westfield Mall a few blocks away. It was a typical mall with Victoria Secrets etc so we had a casual look around then decided to move on. From here we walked along Broadway and down to Seaport Village which had been overrated online and was home to some expensive boutique shops and a Cheesecake Factory. The building was cute and the Mexican decor but overall it was an expensive and small place. It was still early and we wanted to grab dinner downtown before heading home so we decided to walk by Comic Con and up Fifth Ave to kill some time. By now we were both exhausted and had been walking all day but it was still only 4.00pm which was too early for dinner. We decided to buy a few cookies from Subway as an excuse to sit at their tables and muck around on the net until 5.30pm. It was now food time and we had decided on RA Sushi on Broadway as it was right across from our bus stop and had good reviews. I got my usual Salmon and Avocado sushi and Ratt got soup, it was quite good, refreshing from the unhealthy lunch and breakfast we had of sugar covered porridge and Chinese food. After dinner we decided to walk a few blocks and check out Extraordinary Desserts which I had heard so much about, let’s just say wow! Heaven! We made a decision to grab a table and dine in, Ratt ordered a chocolate mousse cake with vanilla ice cream and I ordered the creme brûlée with salted caramel ice cream. Yum!! Was up there with the best dessert I’ve ever had. We decided to grab a cab home since we were both exhausted. At home I showered first then lay on the couch waiting for the time to pass a little so I could call my mum, but that plan failed and before I knew it Ratt was waking me up at 1am and telling me to go to bed.

Goodnight, Weather xxx


















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