The day that Weather and I had been looking forward to for months had finally arrived. Hell yeah, it was C day…. COMIC CON DAY!! 😊☺️

For those of you who don’t know, Comic Con is a mega nerdy convention that happens in San Diego each and every year. People visit San Diego from all around the world to attend the convention and it’s so hard to even get tickets. Weather and I got up at 1am and stayed up till around 4am waiting to get tickets last year, we didn’t get all 5 days (Weds – Sun) we were just able to get tickets to Thursday and Sunday which was good enough for us.
Comic Con is famous for attracting panels of celebrities from various sci-fi, supernatural and cartoon/comic TV shows, movies and comics.

Anyway, many attendees of comic con dress up as their favourite characters so we thought it would be fun to join in the festivities and dress up as…. MARIO AND LUIGI 😊

So the morning of Comic Con, we get dressed up and catch a bus to the convention centre. On our arrival, we saw so many people in such cool costumes! We saw a whole bunch of supermans, batmans, avengers characters and even our twins, another pair of Mario and Luigis!

We headed on over to the exhibition hall where we prepared for the madness we were about to head into. As we entered the doors, we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. What we saw were hundreds of little booths and thousands of people inside. So hectic! Each booth sold different items ranging from t shirts to comic books, figurines to posters, illustrated pictures to collectible items and all sorts of other bits and pieces. You gotta remember that there are hundreds of TV shows and thousand of comics so the supply and variety of things were limitless! We also saw so many costumes from shows we didn’t even know existed!

What’s funny is that people were coming up to us all day asking to take a photo with us or just of us, which was weird but kind of flattering. There were so many cool costumes that it didn’t make sense why people would want our picture but hey, it’s comiccon I didn’t have time to stop and question it when there was so much going on!

There was only 1 thing that we both were dying to see and that was teen wolf! A majority of the main characters were here for the teen wolf panel at 3:30 and we both HAD TO BE THERE!! We decided to get in line at 12pm and as we are walking Weather saw her cousin! It was crazy as there are over a hundred thousand people at comiccon and to bump into her was pretty cool! As we still had a while and the line looked quite short, we decided to grab something to eat as we figured that we would be in line for a while so we headed back downstairs to grab some food. As we came back to join the line, we saw that it had expanded tremendously! The line was soooo long and literally spanned the length of the building… Holy dooly!

We still lined up though! Most people were in line to see the TV show community whose panel was on before teen wolf. We managed to get into the community panel and we watched them joke around for an hour until teen wolf started! Soooo many girls were there to see the cast as I gotta admit, the cast of teen wolf are pretty good looking! As the cast came out the girls screamed louder! To sum it up, a panel is a question and answer type thing. When it came to the fan part of the q&a all we saw were girls running to get in line to ask a question! It was quite a spectacle and made us laugh pretty hard. One second you see everyone sitting down normally and as soon as they announce fan question time you literally see a crowd of stomping elephants just bolting to the microphone!

As we listened to the questions we saw a guy cry and the funniest part happened when a girl collapsed onto the floor in tears cause one of the boys called her a cutie. She was crying so hard which made weather and I laugh even harder… I swear we’re not cold hearted from laughing at her cry her heart out.. It was just funny because she was crying…. Oops I guess we do sound cold hearted… Ahahahahah

After the panel ended we got in line for the TV show that I watch called witches of east end. While in line we browsed the comiccon ig tags and saw that the rock was here as well as neyo and Megan Fox to name a few! It was so lame as we didn’t get to see everyone but the experience was still pretty damn cool. The witches panel was much smaller than teen wolf but still just as exciting to be a part of and once that finished we decided to leave comiccon in search for dinner!

We ended up settling on a seafood place that sold seafood and steaks! Yum! For some reason every time weather tells the waiter that she is lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, the waiter doesn’t really understand and either says it doesn’t have dairy in it even though the dish clearly says it has cheese or butter. Or the waiter takes note of it and somehow still the dish comes out smothered in butter, like this time, they sprinkled cheese on her steak, grilled her veggies in a butter sauce and even have her a little pot of melted butter! Ridiculous!

Although my steak and lobster was awesome, it was sad that weathers meal wasn’t as good.

After a semi sad dinner (her steak was good just not the rest of it), we headed home to recuperate and snooze. It was a pretty massive and exciting day!

Ratt xx
























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